10 essential aspects and benefits of drinking the right juice

10 essentials to “make proper juices”

1. Keep vegetables and fruits separate as a general rule. Apples are fine with vegetables, but in most other cases, don’t use both types of food in the same drink and separate the consumption of the two by about 30 minutes.

2. Make it a priority to absorb the vast majority of your raw vegetables by juicing them to maximize the nutrition you eat and access more nutrients.

3. Fresh raw vegetables (juices) will result in access to more nutrients than by any other means. Juice 2 to 3 times a day and ideally eat a large salad. However, it would be beneficial to drink juice once a day 4+ days a week.

4. Conserve the life force of raw foods by juicing or eating most of them raw for your greatest benefit and well-being.

5. Juice consistently throughout the week for the best nutrition and rewarding results. Aim for a minimum of 65% of your diet to be juiced or eaten raw foods, and 85% to be ideal for best results.

6. Develop a consistent juicing routine that works best for you – the benefits are worth the changes this may require.

7. Be as careful as possible to get the best quality food and juices that your budget allows. This will determine the quality and quantity of juice you get and drink.

8. Focus on vegetable juices, sipping on the rainbow of colors displayed throughout the vegetable world.

9. Take a minimum of 9 days on a constant routine of juicing mixed with some cooked and raw foods. Enjoy the results!

10. When storing fresh juice, do so immediately, fill ENTIRE, seal tightly, and refrigerate or freeze immediately.

Some of the benefits of “drinking adequate juice” include:

1. A much easier way to acquire the recommended daily requirements of fruits and vegetables for our better health and greater well-being.

2. Much more nutritional value and delivered more efficiently by absorption.

3. Nutritional values ​​are improved beyond any other method.

4. Keeps blood pressure better controlled, even reduced

5. Returns your body to its natural weight – incredible weight control

6. De-stress your digestive system – De-stress, period.

7. The healing of your body takes place from bow to stern, along

8. Much better results than prescription drugs with zero side effects

9. Wow – a side effect – great weight control, oh, and a lot of people reporting missing symptoms of previous problems – oh well … the ones we can live with!

10. You’ll have more energy within days of constantly juicing. Test it!

11. The energy you get is natural, not induced by stimulants that you can’t pronounce.

Bring your own energy drink to work with you for an energetic day!

12. A renewed quality of life by feeling much better than you have in a long time!

13. It’s easy: buy some fruits, clean them, cut them and put them in your juicer, then enjoy drinking the juice and cleaning!

14. Greater mental clarity in terms of thinking and memory.

15. Sleep will improve, for most people

16. Much more for your money! We save money from our previous food bills

17. Many report that they have been cured of cancer, heart problems, diabetes, leaky gut, better eye health, and a host of other problems. What will your results be?

18. Stay well while others around you get sick – juices almost never get sick

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