The world’s first diesel hybrid

The 3008 Hybrid4 is Peugeot’s offering of the world’s first diesel-powered hybrid. While other hybrid cars use a gasoline engine, Peugeot’s hybrid combines the turbo diesel unit designed to drive the front wheels with the electric motor that powers the rear axle. The car is more fuel efficient than other hybrids and also offers a four-wheel drive mode. The diesel […]

Non-profit fundraising with custom playing cards

Since playing cards (e.g., Poker Cards) can be customized on both the back and the face of the card, they provide a great opportunity for a unique fundraising campaign that can be effectively combined with complementary events of fundraising. Since personalized playing cards are associated with fun and entertainment, the positive impressions that supporters associate with their use will reflect […]

Standard Poodle Puppies: Not the Wimpy Dog of Myths

The Poodle can be the butt of a lot of jokes, but even these temperate and graceful dogs just don’t care. They are dignified, calm and, dare we say, a bit distant. Standard poodle puppies are certainly not the cheapest puppies you can buy, that’s for sure, but these wonderful dogs are truly a hidden gem in the dog world. […]

Cufflinks as part of women’s attire

Cufflinks are generally known as classic men’s accessories. That’s mainly because we’re used to seeing cufflinks on men’s dress shirts, along with the dinner jacket or sports jacket, business suit, and of course the tuxedo. And it’s been that way ever since, so it’s pretty understandable why many assume they’re for men only. But there really are no such rules. […]