Modern jeep and off-road enthusiasts

Today’s Jeep is known as an all-terrain vehicle that can brave the toughest environments, but is also considered roadworthy or street legal. Today’s Jeep brand has undergone many design and ownership changes over the years, but has retained its reputation as one of the most recognizable and influential vehicles in the world. The love for them has only grown over […]

7 steps of the effective strategic planning process

This TQM article provides insight into a typical strategic planning process that was used in various organizations and proved to be very practical in implementation. The key processes of this typical Strategic Planning Process are organized in 7 steps. The detail of each step is illustrated below: – Step 1: review or develop the vision and mission Able to obtain […]

A shaman shares knowledge

Intention + Emotional Control + Knowledge = A shaman There are many things that a shaman comes to know throughout his life of learning and practice. Many of these things are impossible to explain with language. The same can be said of certain principles of Taoism, Buddhism, and other religious philosophies, for example, faith. As a shaman studies, one comes […]

What is an ideal hunting dog?

When you want to find a dog, perfect for hunting, you need to make sure you get a specific breed for the job. Many dogs can be trained to search and perform other actions, however, only a hunting dog has the natural abilities to follow instincts and find its prey. It is important to understand the different breeds of hunting […]

PPP 2020 What you need to know

Things are constantly changing with PPP and here are PPP updates that you will want to make sure you fully understand as it will affect your forgiveness process and your money. There are 2 PPP apps for forgiveness. The updated PPP Loan Forgiveness Application and a PPP EZ Forgiveness Application. Among the changes to the PPP in recent weeks are […]

The Dallas Mavericks strive to win an NBA final in their own way

No Dallas Mavericks fan will forget 2006, when the Mavs reached their first NBA Finals. While it was certainly a record-breaking year, that year was the third the Mavs reached the Conference Finals. In fact, oddly enough they finished their regular seasons twice as Division Champions, for another two seasons. Since the 1980-1981 season, the Mavericks have been making NBA […]

The leverage triangle

The three elements Have you already heard me talk about the leverage triangle? As entrepreneurs and pursuers of our dreams and passions, we all have 3 elements to work with when starting a business: Time, experience and money. Most of us have very little of each of these at the beginning of our journey, but as we grow our business […]