Escape in South Beach Miami, Florida

Relaxing Vacation in South Beach Florida Attracting tourists from around the world, there are many reasons why swarms of visitors visit South Beach, Florida, or SoBe, as it is commonly known, each year. Resorts in South Beach are a perfect base for exploring the unique beaches of Florida, which is ideal for people who love to walk or stroll. Those […]

Investing in movies as an uncorrelated asset class opportunity for wealthy investors and hedge funds

The term uncorrelated asset classes covers a wide range of potential investments, including venture capital, real estate, private equity, and commodities, but also alternative investment strategies. But in today’s economy of collapsed public equity markets, defaulted hedge funds, and non-existent real estate, one company believes that investing in movie slate, including theatrical distribution, offers a high-yield alternative investment that can […]

Teen Sex

14-year-old girl: “Sex for me is like dancing. I love dancing with different men.” Doctor: “Do you even feel anything when you dance with these men”? 14-year-old girl: “Sometimes. I have a lot of feelings. They last a while and then they go away.” Doctor: “Do these men even have feelings for you?” 14-year-old girl: “Sometimes, for a minute.” Doctor: […]

Super Mario for dark people

When I was a dark child, it was difficult to find ways in which I felt I could relate. As I get older, it becomes a little easier to accept this; but it is a continuous struggle. In video games, this has always been a bit tricky. One of the games that captured my imagination (as most people did) was […]