Relationship Tips: Are You In A Transitional Relationship?

Transitional relationships occur when a person has left what was a serious relationship and is not immediately looking for that special someone. But in the meantime, if they meet someone they can get along reasonably well with, and can basically tolerate, they will stick around until someone better comes along. Therefore, the relationship is a transitional relationship and it will […]

Leaving your Puggle alone

Puggles are sociable dogs that enjoy company and don’t like to be left alone. That does not mean that they are not good apartment dogs or that they will tie you to the house all the time. All it means is that your dog’s training will have to focus a little more on this aspect. Puggles are descendants of beagles […]

John styers

Most people have only been exposed to the work of John Styers through the book “Cold Steel”. It is important to remember that, first and foremost, this book describes a BASIC hand-to-hand combat instruction course. Items covered in this system include bayonet, knife, stick, and unarmed combat. Styers developed this “system” for BASIC training. The framework for all of these […]