Ball Pythons Vs. Boas: The Great Snake Debate

If you’re thinking about getting a pet reptile, you should seriously consider getting a pet snake! Snakes are very underrated pets and they are not as bad as many make them out to be. In fact, they are quite easy to care for and handle, making them great reptile pets! All a snake needs is the right enclosure, temperature, food, […]

Real Estate Reinvention Part 2: Online and Empowered Consumers are Taking Charge and Paying Less

demanding consumers “Internet buyers tend to be better informed about market conditions and better prepared to act on the home they want when they start working with a realtor. Fortunately for realtors, these changes don’t necessarily hurt, as long as they can adapt. to the new relationship and realizing that new-style buyers value speed and efficiency over guidance when finding […]

Featured Sports Photographer – Gerry Cranham

British photographer Gerry Cranham is best known for his horse racing images. But his career in photography has covered a remarkable variety of subjects. He does a search for Cranham’s name, include Winston Churchill as well, and he’ll soon discover an extraordinary image that Cranham captured from the Whispering Gallery at St. Paul’s Cathedral in 1965, the year of Churchill’s […]

Lottery Millionaires – How Many People Win At Least A Million Dollars Every Year?

What do these people—George Martinek, Susan Hannoun, Lori Boyle, Bernadette Gietka, Neal Wanless, and Bob Guerzon—have in common? Answer: They are all lottery millionaires. They, along with thousands of others each year, defy the odds and win the lottery jackpot. We hear about the jackpot winners every week in the news. But have you ever considered how many new millionaires […]

Top 10 ANNOYING Marketing Buzzwords

Calling all sellers! Prepare to disrupt (yes, that’s one of them) your digestive tract with marketing cliches that will make you vomit. These marketing terms are polluting creative minds everywhere, and there might even be scientific evidence linking these cringe-worthy slogans to Millennials’ intense feelings of “I don’t want a desk job.” It is certainly possible. However, for everyone else, […]