2013 is the year to join a mobile app reseller program

In 2012, the growth of the mobile market was enormous around the world and continues to constantly reshape the way we interact in our daily lives. In 2011, there were 835 million smartphone users, 5.6 billion basic phone users (via Business Insider). If you’re a retailer selling products or services over the web, you shouldn’t hide from the mobile revolution. […]

Putting a home gym in your living room

Creating a home gym is something that can help you a lot to get in shape and stay that way. If you’ve had trouble sticking to training routines in the past, this is undoubtedly due, at least in part, to pressures on your time and energy. You come home from work and you just can’t face the thought of traveling […]

Tips for Choosing the Best E-Book Reader

With all the information available, it can be difficult to choose the best eBook reader. To find your ideal device, you’ll need to look beyond the features and look at the way you like to enjoy reading books to make the best choice. Importance of portability when choosing the best eBook reader Do you love reading books in a wide […]

Parental Alienation Memoir Review – A Parent’s Heartbreak

michael jeffries memoirs, The heartbreak of a family: a father’s introduction to parental alienation, describes his transition from beloved father to exiled provider. It’s a painful but gripping read. The book is part ‘Dear Diary’, part window into the therapist/patient relationship, and part scholarly treatise on the various neuroses and personality disorders that led to the living hell Jeffries experienced, […]

Goldfish Care: 5 Pros and 5 Don’ts

Goldfish Care: 5 Things You Must Do to Keep Them Happy 1. Set up your aquarium before you buy any goldfish Don’t buy goldfish and your home at the pet store on the same day. Instead, set up the tank with gravel, decorations, and a filter in a good spot (one that’s quiet, away from a window or radiator, and […]

Is it really that bad?

Even when the market is going well; I try to stay away from the “someone will eventually buy it” attitude. Builders sometimes use the lowest priced building materials they can find and make the “cheapest” house they can build…and then sometimes sell it at exorbitant prices. Clients are looking for more than an affordable home. They are looking for a […]

Sasha Davies’ West Coast Cheese Guide is a winner!

Got a foodie on your gift list this year? If so, your holiday shopping just got a little easier. Sasha Davies’ “The Guide to West Coast Cheese” is a perfect gift that helps the cheese lover in your life delve into left coast cheeses. The book, published by Portland, Oregon-based Timber Press, explores more than 300 cheeses made by hand […]