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A refreshing lemon detox drink for alkalinity

It is part of my daily routine to start by consuming a 16-ounce glass of purified water with the juice of half a squeezed organic lemon. It is a simple way to speed up my digestive system and prepare it for the other foods that are consumed throughout the day.

It also works as a detoxifier for my liver and gives a good start to the day. Many doctors recommend this tonic to cleanse the kidneys and help prevent kidney stone formation.

I drink lemon water throughout the day. It is not just a refreshing drink that is alkalizing, but by adding this simple drink to my daily regimen, I am doing a lot of good for my health. As an alkalizing agent, lemon juice, although acidic, becomes alkaline when it reaches your digestive system. It can help you maintain an alkaline state in your body. When your system is more alkaline than acidic, you can more effectively prevent inflammation that causes disease, such as cancer. If your body is able to fight inflammation, it stands to reason that it will be better equipped to protect itself from chronic diseases. A strong immune system can better fight disease and keep you healthy.

Eliminating processed foods will also improve the alkalinity in your system and strengthen your immune system. Processed foods are detrimental to our health and do not create an environment in your system that contributes to the ability to fight disease.

By consuming a lemon detox drink, you will also get a good amount of vitamin C. Our bodies need vitamin C to stay strong. For convenience, buy a bag of organic lemons. I generally check one bag a week and buying a full bag ensures that I always have them on hand.

My favorite salad dressing is a light and simple recipe that includes lots of fresh-squeezed lemon. To make it, crush a garlic clove in a small bowl, add Himalayan sea salt and black pepper to taste. Squeeze the juice of half an organic lemon into the mixture along with 3 tablespoons of olive oil (adjust to taste) and a tablespoon of balsamic or apple cider vinegar. Mix to mix all the ingredients and then over the salad. This salad dressing is light, refreshing, and packed with powerful antioxidants.

On a cold day, you may want to swap the cold water in your lemon detox drink for warm water. A lemon detox drink in a mug filled with warm water will keep you comfortable on a cold winter day.

For a natural lemonade in the summer, add a little ice and a little stevia extract to sweeten it. Fresh and delicious lemonade! This simple lemon detox drink is one of the many ways that we can help our bodies with detoxification. As part of our daily regimens, it can improve health and create a more alkaline person!

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