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A shaman shares knowledge

Intention + Emotional Control + Knowledge = A shaman

There are many things that a shaman comes to know throughout his life of learning and practice. Many of these things are impossible to explain with language. The same can be said of certain principles of Taoism, Buddhism, and other religious philosophies, for example, faith.

As a shaman studies, one comes across the knowledge of good and evil gradually and can practice mastery in increments. For a shaman to share all his knowledge with you at once would fill your heart with such fear that it could make you sick in body and mind because you are inexperienced and unprotected. However, everything a shaman knows can be obtained through good practice and constant learning. I am always happy to share what I know and walk with you on your journey. There is some knowledge that I would share with everyone, as we all need to protect ourselves.

Everything has spirit; Every rock, tree, fish, animal, person, ocean, planet, has some kind of spirit. However, the spirit that shows itself as a rock is not necessarily just a rock. Looks are deceiving. But the quality or level of the spirit is evidenced in its physical form. For example, the spirit of a rock has a slow and low vibrational frequency. It takes a long time to act but has a long life in this reality. A butterfly has a higher and faster vibration, but a shorter lifespan than a rock. It makes one wonder if we are all given the same amount of spiritual energy and if our life span varies only according to our vibrational frequency.

There are also various forms of non-visible spirits. More than you can imagine. Shamans spend their entire lives learning to “see” and perform various tasks using these spirit forms. Some of these ways are neutral and some are beneficial. Some of them are predators. I want you to know about predators as they affect your health and happiness.

The only spiritual form that can gain spiritual energy or “gong” grace is the human being. It is the only thing that we can absolutely take with us when we move on to another life. This has been a fact of ancient religions and philosophies for thousands of years. You can find this in Taoism, Buddhism, and even Catholicism. It is only through the experience of life as a human being that spiritual energy can be obtained and the spiritual self evolved. So there are many non-human entities that would do anything to have the life experience that you are having here on earth. All they need is for you to invite them into you and then they can share your experiences and eat your “chi” or energy and maybe get some of your spiritual power or “gong” so they can incarnate here themselves.

These entities also have limited powers and abilities like you, including powers to attract and repel; the ability to precognize or predict the future; mind reading and limited healing abilities. Predatory entities offer to trade their abilities with you so you can invite them in. They also offer boasting of wealth, business success, fame, all fleeting and limited to entice you to make a deal with them.

A man lost his wife for forty years to cancer and he felt very lonely. One day he sent a wish for a new wife. He didn’t care what he had to do or how she would do it. He would do anything to have a new wife. The predatory entities heard the invitation and a new wife arrived. The Man had accepted the predatory entities and felt as if he had a monkey on his back. He started going down to the local bar in hopes of eliminating that feeling. But the entities loved this whole experience and the man became an alcoholic. Now, he didn’t know why she was drinking or if she was thinking about it for him. But unless he knew someone who could remove the entities, he was trapped.

Most illnesses can be traced shamanically to spirit possession. Spiritual possession is found in the book of knowledge of almost every religion in the world. For example, the Catholic Church and the Lutheran Church offer exorcisms. Soul retrieval is a shamanic way of healing spiritual possession. Soul recovery can be described as a shaman turning to these spirit entities and bartering, cheating, negotiating or forcing these spirit entities to leave the person grieving. It is very dangerous for the Shaman, as the entities do not wish to leave and can attack the Shaman causing mental or physical damage and more. It takes a strong shaman who can protect himself from harm and use his power to wield the shaman’s staff effectively.

But the knowledge is here for you to be aware of these entities.

Another knowledge is that there are 3 bodies for each person. You have your physical body, that self that you have known and used all your life. To the right of your physical body is your Master Self, which is your higher self, that part of you directly connected to Universal Knowledge or God and whose little voice you can here giving you the best advice when you listen. And you have your second self on the left side of your physical body. Your second self is like your physical body but it is not attached to your body. This is the body that shamans use to travel to the inner worlds. It just obeys what you put in it and can hear and feel in other dimensions. It is your body of shaman’s work. It is the part of you that manifests your intentions.

Your emotions come from your physical body; Your intentions come from the body of your Master Self (hopefully) and your second self goes out and achieves those intentions for you. Spirit predators can attach to any of these 3 bodies, so you must learn to protect each of them.

How do you protect yourself?

One way to protect yourself in this reality is to stay away from developing shamanic abilities. It doesn’t actually protect you, but at least it doesn’t attract entities to you as much as if you were practicing. Entities are more attracted to people with power. If you choose to practice, learn all you can about the inner worlds. Always travel with your spirit animal that will guide and defend you from the entities. Your spirit animal walks with the 3 bodies and, being aware of its presence, you will feel well-being or fear even in your daily life and you will have to respond appropriately. Contact me for more information on how to work with your totem or spirit animal.

But the best protection whether you practice shamanism or not is knowledge. Knowledge plus intention plus emotional control equals the power of a shaman. (For the sake of brevity, the reference to a shaman below is in the masculine form, but does not imply any exclusion of the feminine gender.)

A shaman is a warrior, a hunter. He is at his highest alert, fully prepared, deliberately moving with his intention firmly in place at the forefront of his mind. He is ready for anything, being emotionally focused yet feeling the thrill of the hunt and the anticipation of the successful outcome. No one could sneak up on a good hunter. It is he who stalks. The hunter knows his skills, has practiced for a long time, and knows where to look for the game he needs. A hunter has heightened his senses to be able to smell the wind and see in low light. He knows that a bear can attack him or a wolf at any time, so he does his best every minute. Doing less can spell your death.

He knows that there is no one there to help him and he knows that he can do better himself anyway. You wouldn’t be a hunter if you wanted someone else to do it.

You are also a hunter here on this planet. You chose to come here, to have this experience so that you can gather the only thing you can take with you when you leave: spiritual energy. To be successful you must develop your skills flawlessly.

You have all the abilities you need to gather great spiritual power here. Your task is to gain knowledge about your skills and how to use them. Skills granted to you by means other than your own means are simply borrowed from entities that take more from you than they give you and are not worth the cost.

A shaman walks through this dimension in pure peace and joy using his physical body to communicate and maintain a physical presence with emotional power using his Higher Self or Master as his sail and rudder. The constant little voice of the Master Self (intention) and his second body self used to work, create and destroy, attract and repel whatever he intended with his knowledge of the Inner Worlds.

I invite you to walk the path with me through the course I offer on shamanism found at Each of us must learn to use his 3 bodies, as they are the tools he brought here. I can light a torch along the path you have chosen and help protect yourself by giving you the knowledge and skills to protect yourself.

Ah oh!

Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls


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