Building Great Businesses in Nigeria: Lessons from Jimoh Ibrahim

Nigeria is blessed with many prominent capitalists and wealthy industrialists who own multi-billion dollar conglomerates with assets exceeding trillions of Naira and who collectively employ thousands of Nigerians in their various business operations, thus contributing significantly to the size, scope and direction of our nation. economy. Prominent among these are Aliko Dangote, founder and chairman of Grupo Dangote, which has […]

beauty ideas for women

A woman wants to look beautiful all her life and a beautiful you will come with increased confidence and high self-esteem. It is important to know the best ways to take care of your skin, hair, eyes and nails to stay beautiful. Among the beauty tips for women is a lifestyle change that involves healthy eating and healthy habits. Skin […]

Weimaraner Personality – The Human Race as Dog

Highly intelligent and sensitive, these dogs crave companionship. They are happiest when they are among humans and as family members. Many pet owners mention that they are just like humans in the way they think about problems. So, like humans, they need lots of company and exercise. The breed can be described as a medium to large-sized bird dog with […]

How to flip that house the EZ way

I can pretty much summarize most of the real estate investing methods currently in use into two different methods. One is a wholesale flip. It’s very popular right now, and it works, if you want to jump through all the hoops involved. People make money selling properties wholesale. The other is retail using a method Subject to or rehabilitation. Here’s […]

Top 10 1 Mb Apps for Android

1. Instadict (973k Mb Apps)Instadict Instadict allows you to see the meaning of a word anywhere. Just copy the word and shake your device horizontally to get its meaning. There is no need to interrupt what you are doing. It also supports full offline mode! Just download the appropriate dictionary from the link below and you’re all set! It is […]

A house of prayer for all peoples?

On Simchat Torah (Festival of the Rejoicing of the Law/Last Great Day) I went up to the Temple Mount with my Bible to pray. Although I don’t usually wear a yarmulke (skull cap), I took one with me. My first challenge was to get past the guards near the entrance to the Temple Mount; if they saw me with my […]

Toshiba A135 S7403

Best Buy has finally launched its successful Black Friday laptop list and it includes the latest Toshiba A135 S7403 Satellite laptops for just $229. With this laptop Toshiba has become one of the cheapest laptops announced so far. Unfortunately, the latest laptop has an Intel Celeron 530 processor which is a bit slower compared to Intel Core processor. All Black […]

Some facts about the factoring company

Every company cannot do without its basic requirement of land, work, capital and company. No matter the size of the business, these are the basic requirements of every entrepreneur. Goods are generally delivered on credit to improve customer relations. The repayment period ranges from 30 to 60 days. Well-established companies can wait for debtors to repay the amount, but small […]

Trendy Design Options for Kitchen Cabinets

Whether your kitchen cabinets look old and worn, or you’re just looking for a more functional design, today’s homeowners have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to the look and design of their kitchens. Before meeting with a professional designer, consider learning more about some of the more common options available to homeowners. Knowing which options you […]

Main benefits of visual effects schools

What are visual effects? According to one definition, it is “Alterations to the images of a film during post-production”. Visual effects are basically a subcategory of special effects where images are manipulated to get an enhanced effect for movies or videos. It includes the fusion of live action recording and CGI to produce an environment that seems real. This effect […]