The Celtics are back!

Last Tuesday night, June 17, will be remembered as one of the best nights for the Celtics, for the city of Boston and for NBA basketball. It was a night when the Boston greats made history again, where all basketball fans couldn’t help but remember the golden age of the Celtics and the significant legacy they have left in the […]

New Teachers: Should You Over-Plan Your Lessons?

The question is out: how many of you new teachers (1-5 years of teaching experience) actually over-plan your lessons? As a new teacher 12 years ago, I constantly over-planned my lessons to make sure ALL students were engaged, even if it meant restructuring the lesson. In general, overplanning is a good habit to develop, especially when used as backup plans […]

Playstation 3 (PS3) hardware overview

Playstation 3 (PS3) hardware overview For once, not all about PS3 games, but the console itself We’ve taken the PS3 tech specs straight from Sony, and will of course update them as they do. The first part of this article details the basic specification, and the second part, for those who are not very familiar with CPU speeds and gigabit […]

Losing those pandemic pounds

This is really embarrassing. But I am sure I am not alone. Somehow I had the guts to step on the scale last month and found that I had gained 23 pounds during the pandemic. Is this what they mean by middle-aged spread? I felt like a slug. Deep sigh. It was like that humorous poem, “When what to my […]