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Beach Resort – Paradise Taveuni

Are you planning to go to Taveuni? If hosting is your only problem, this is the perfect solution. Take a look at the magnificent Paradise Taveuni Beach resort. This resort offers you a cool and comfortable environment away from your daily commotion and allows you to relax your mind and see the marvelous seas throughout the day. Are you traveling together with your family? If so, there are excellent tropical bures that will offer superior pleasure and satisfaction to each and every member of your family. Looking for a honeymoon resort? No problem, as this one includes everything. There are six different beachfront bures that will allow you to enjoy your romantic date with your partner during your stay.

Special packages are available for both families and honeymooners. The tropical bures have thatched roofs accompanied by tiled floors with indoor and outdoor kitchens and bathrooms. Each bure has separate staff and chefs who will never let you feel the absence of anything. These rooms are built with naturally fallen coconut wood from the nearby plantation. The beachfront bures have been specifically designed for 2 or 3 travelers or 2 adults and 2 children. In addition, these are also ideal for individual travelers. In addition to the already excellent structure, a new oceanfront reef room has been built with a pool second to none.

Spa services are also offered at this Paradise Taveuni resort. So, close your eyes, take a deep breath and let all your problems melt away. The spa’s experts have been trained to provide maximum comfort to tourists, giving them massages with the special coconut oil and flower extracts developed in this region. From facials to body massages, they are all available in packages at various rates. After the therapists work is done, you can freshen up in a nice outdoor shower.

Taveuni is special for its diving resorts and water parks. So here you will find many separate dive packages for adults on honeymoon as well as for families. Courses for 2 adults include meals: tropical breakfast, one-course lunch and two-course dinner. Other packages offering free paradise massages and free mountain hiking guides are also available. There are several dive sites available for you to choose from depending on your skill level. Heights vary from 18 meters to about 30 meters.

Travel packages to this Paradise resort include visiting various sites such as: Paradise Reef, Dolphin Bay, Coral Gardens, Orgasm (Vuna Reef), Tavoro Cave, Cabbage Patch (Vuna Reef), Fish Factory, Great White Wall, Rainbow Passage, The Zoo and many more. This resort is the ideal location for romantic couples or even those wishing to get married Fijian style in a dreamy beach setting. You can go scuba diving, or even snorkel at night with your partner, under the watchful eye of experts, who will protect you from poisonous underwater creatures. Most people who have stayed at this resort have found it to be an out of the world experience. So if you want to visit Taveuni soon, be sure to check this one out.

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