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Become aware of the different types of elder abuse

Every year, there are thousands of older people who are victims of neglect and abuse by a trusted caregiver, family member, or nursing home staff member. These terrible acts are committed against people who are often unable to defend themselves. Many of them are experiencing mental and physical things that prevent them from being able to tell anyone what is happening. There are many different types of elder abuse. Some older adults are abandoned and others are physically, mentally, or sexually abused. All forms of abuse are harmful and should be reported immediately if discovered. Lawyers who specialize in elder abuse should be contacted so that they can address the situation.

Older adults experiencing dementia are often unable to care for themselves. Little by little they stop doing things that they were once able to do. They often drift to the point where they can no longer prepare their own meals, go to the bathroom on their own, and forget to do things like take a bath or brush their teeth. It is the caregiver’s responsibility to ensure that all of the older person’s basic needs are met. If a caregiver doesn’t make sure the older person is eating nutritious food, it can cause health problems. If the older adult does not bathe regularly and does not go to the bathroom often, it can lead to serious sores and infections. Not making sure these things happen is considered neglect, which is one of the types of elder abuse, and it’s a horrible crime.

One of the saddest things about dementia is the behavioral changes that come with it. People with dementia often display strange and inappropriate behavior. This does not license a caregiver to mistreat the elder. Physical violence is not an acceptable method of controlling behavior. Physical abuse is one of the most common types of elder abuse, and the danger it presents makes it particularly important to contact an elder physical abuse attorney. Mental and emotional abuse is also a cause for serious concern. Verbally degrading or threatening an older adult can cause emotional trauma. Taking sexual advantage of an older adult is also degrading, harmful and punishable by law. Elder abuse attorneys can help prosecute individuals who are guilty of committing these types of crimes.

Family, friends, and loved ones must constantly watch over the well-being of the older adults in their lives. If someone starts noticing signs that one of the types of elder abuse is going on, she should report it right away. It is important to speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves and to make sure they are well cared for. Call elder abuse attorneys to fight for victims’ rights.

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