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Bold exotic shine: jewel-toned décor

Jewel tones take on new meaning after years of home decorating in a natural earthy direction. Vivid ocean blue, emerald green, indian red, and fuchsia pink color schemes finally allow some color to return to our homes. The 2018 Interior Designers Guild predicts that energizing colors and jewel tones will reign supreme.

Colors that transform your soul, bold warm and exotic hues: Distressed turquoise turquoise blues that recall the freshness and tranquility of the oceans, energize a space. Vibrant, radiant and lush Emerald Green, a color of elegant beauty that enhances our feeling of well-being and harmony. Remember to live for balance with the deep coral red, the deep Indian pink that transforms a room from a boring box into an exotic, rich and impressive home that you will never want to leave.

An aged teal Indian door, antique cabinet with turquoise doors, a vibrant green cabinet hammered with brass, the color spectrum of jewel tones, specifically deep sea green, ocean blue and deep coral red make a home is warm, cozy and combined. well with other colors and neutral tones.

Deep, dark tones don’t have to dominate your decor, jewel tones can work for you, whether your style is bright and bold, or you are a designer neutral and earthy. Eggshell walls with a vibrant turquoise door add striking definition to your living room. A television console made with old teak doors and brass medallions in sea green with an ivory lace bedspread plays with Beethoven’s romance in the background.

Incorporate rich and lush colors in a more sophisticated and understated way, focusing on classic classic furniture and accessories, such as console dressers, TV cabinets, antique cabinets, trunk tables, benches, dining tables with antique doors in colors that add meaning and vitality.

Deep red kitchen cabinets with antique Indian paint telling stories of kings and queens, add the pop of color and add quintessential interest. A distressed old doorway dining table from Jaipur lined with white chairs gives it some additional country charm. Play with a simple console or buffet in neutral tones, be casually chic, understated elegance is the key. A rustic brown antique Haveli arch or bench in an otherwise quiet space can be visually stunning.

Decorative vintage beaded Indian banjara patchwork pillows or hand-carved Tree of Life wall sculptures create a look of charm and bring the zen element to your living room, contrasting well with neutral walls. A jewel-tone bathroom chest vanity looks fresh, unexpected, and absolutely stunningly spectacular.

Pashmina bedspreads, carved colored kamasutra headboards, vintage bead wall hangings, accent pillows, and even sheer curtains are great bedroom opportunities for bold jewel tones that you might not use elsewhere in the home. The master bedroom is your sanctuary, so use an old aged Jaipurian door bleached by green sun as a headboard with dark wood nightstands against the gritty ivory walls. Create a visually splendid interior that heals and vibrates with your energy.

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