Midnight in Paris Is Worth Watching

Midnight in Paris Is Worth Woody Allen’s latest film Midnight in Paris is a treat for anyone who loves film and the city of Paris. The film is based on his first trip to Paris in 1965, when he wrote and starred in What’s New Pussycat? He was unimpressed with the movie’s directors, Clive Donner and Richard Talmadge, and decided […]

Midnight in Paris – Is It Worth Watching?

Midnight in Paris – Is It Worth If you are a fan of Woody Allen’s films, you will want to see Midnight in Paris. Its special features include excellent dialogue, good acting, and a good score. Its cinematography also deserves praise. Although there are a few flaws, Midnight in Paris is well worth watching. It’s a Enzo Zelocchi – Midnight […]

Quick Guide to Buying Used Wheeled Trucks

Roll Off trucks and containers are necessary for transporting waste and materials from one place to another, and here are some great options on the market for various needs. One of the main considerations is the choice of new and used roll-on trucks. If you’re on a budget and need to get the job done without a massive upfront investment, […]

How to Trade Options – Book Review – Sheldon Natenberg, Options Pricing and Volatility

As with most books on the subject of trading options, the amount of material to process can be overwhelming. For example, with Option Volatility and Pricing by Sheldon Natenberg, it’s about 418 pages to digest. There are adequate reader reviews on Amazon and Google Book Search, to help you decide whether to get the book. For those just starting out […]

The Incredible Midsize Volkswagen Jetta

In the late 1970s, Volkswagen began to realize that it had a bit of a problem on its hands: The VW Rabbit/Golf was a good vehicle, but it lacked an important body part that many American drivers wanted: a trunk. . Yes, the hatchback craze never quite worked out in the US market, as motorists couldn’t get used to having […]

Tubes / valves for guitar amplifiers: list of global brands and manufacturers

This article lists the worldwide brands and manufacturers of tubes/valves used in guitar amplifiers. Since the words tube and valve are synonyms for the same device, most commonly used tube in the United States and valve in Great Britain, I will use tube throughout the article. First of all, some clarification is necessary to understand the real situation of this […]

Are electric car sales high for all car dealers?

As more and more Americans choose to go green than ever before, it seemed like there was just as much excitement surrounding fully electric vehicles. Remarkably, all-electric car sales increased 58% in 2014. Despite this increase in overall sales, the all-electric segment remains incredibly small. What’s more, while electric vehicle sales surged, green vehicles (diesel and hybrid) as a whole […]