Insurance Claims – Get Paid Up Front!

Advance payments for insurance claims are not widely known by people who file claims. Often when an insured has a loss of significant size, such as a flood, tornado, wildfire, hurricane loss, or large water damage loss, the insurance company issues an advance payment of part of the advance agreement. This situation also occurs regularly when a business has a […]

cool croatia

Dramatic is the only superlative that can be used to describe the coast of Croatia. Nearly 2,000 kilometers of coastline, more than 1,000 islands, and perfect Adriatic scenery are reasons in themselves to visit the country, and if you needed another, its real estate market isn’t bad either. Formerly part of Yugoslavia, an established destination for British tourists, the war […]

Marbella Spa and Spa

The Costa del Sol is a booming health tourism center. The region boasts two magnificent turn-of-the-century resorts that were the forerunners of Marbella’s eclectic range of spa and wellness centres. The presence of the hot springs caused the boom in health tourism today. The place has both traditional centers and the most modern and comfortable atmosphere. An excellent combination of […]

Window film can also protect your building from insects

Owners of commercial buildings or large homes often choose to keep certain lights in and around the building 24 hours a day. This decision is usually made for safety reasons, but one of the drawbacks of this choice is that the lights attract a number of different insects, in particular the stink bug. Fortunately, commercial window film can help combat […]

Does Autopilot Buddy Include Autopark?

Autopilot Buddy Include Autopark Does Autopilot buddy include autopark? This is a question that many owners of Tesla vehicles have asked. Although there have been some reports that it works as well as Autopilot, Tesla hasn’t responded to requests for comment. While Tesla has slashed its public relations department, it still hasn’t ruled out the possibility of Autopilot Buddy. The […]

Daniel Onoja: the man who earns $50,000 a week in Nigeria

Many may doubt the veracity of the headline, the usual Nigerian media fairy tale. That’s your opinion, but this is a stack truth. He is not a footballer, never in the category of Hushpuppy, nor a politician, oil tycoon or real estate broker. Daniel Onoja makes great money from him with Network Marketing. He plies his trade on the OMEGAPRO […]

Things to see on your vacation in Lesotho

A small country in South Africa that is filled with rolling mountains, ranging from 6,000 to 7,000 feet, forms the border of the country of Lesotho. The Maluti Mountains are what draws people to this country, with long ranges stretching from north to south. All of these form fairly high plateaus from sea level. The highest point on this land […]

Top 10 Classic Sci-Fi Movies of the 50s

Are you a fan of black and white B movies like me? Nope? Well you should be! You’re missing out on some great movies. Some are so bad that they are good; if only for its entertainment value. And, some of the good ones are great! Either way, they are all classics in my book. Many, many great sci-fi classics […]

Holiday rental properties near golf and the Mediterranean in Almerimar Village, Andalusia, Spain

Almerimar-Holiday Rental Properties The town of Almerimar is located on the Mediterranean. This region “Costa de Almería” has a very moderate climate throughout the year. This means very little rain and more hours of sunshine per year than anywhere else in Europe. Therefore Almerimar is perfect for a stay in both winter and summer. The town has a lot to […]