Uncharted – Drake’s Fortune Review

Sony has had a rough year with the PlayStation 3 in 2007. Much of this is due in part to exclusives like Halo 3, Mass Effect, and BioShock going to the Xbox 360. This is compounded by the fact that Sony is losing exclusive rights. to games like Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil 5, and Grand Theft Auto IV. […]

Tips for choosing the best moving company

Do you need to move into your new home? If so, you may want to hire the services of the best moving company. The reason is that moving a house can be a stressful process, especially for beginners. If you have a lot of things or items to move, it is best to hire a moving company. Follow the advice […]

Buying the right table saw for you

The table saw is the heart of any workshop. Buying the right table saw is critical, as it will affect the quality of your work, your productivity, and the limits of what you can actually build in your shop. Table saws come in four categories and I will explain each one and describe the pros and cons of each. The […]

Nintendo DS – Imagine Series

My Secret World is the latest in a long line of Imagine games released for the Nintendo DS. The series seems to be just getting started with more titles than you can, well … imagine. In 2007, four Imagine games were released. It was about Happy Cooking, Fashion Designer, Pet Veterinarian and Babies. Four games in a series is quite […]

Will retail chains lose their dominance?

In most industrialized nations, the supply chain of goods from origin to origin the end user has changed little over many years. First there are the producers. Then the wholesaler, then the retailer, and then the customer and the consumer. In the US, the supply chain has always been driven by downstream consumers. Europe had a different history where a […]