Tips for a healthy diet

Here are some healthy diet tips to help you lose weight, stay fit, and live longer: Drink enough water. One cup of water for every waking hour during the day would be optimal for healthy weight loss. Never eat until you are very full. Rather, you should stop eating when you are satisfied. In this way, you can ensure that […]

Salt and sodium: are they the same?

Salt, some of us like the taste, some of us can’t stand it, but like it or not, it is necessary in your daily intake. But how much do you need? The amount of salt ingested will vary depending on your physical activity, as well as other factors. Runners, for example, the recommended daily intake of salt is less than […]

Making keto diets work

The truth Ketogenic diets (more specifically cyclical ketogenic diets) are the most effective diets for achieving fast, ultra-low levels of body fat with maximum muscle retention. Now, as with all these general statements, there are circumstantial exceptions. But if done right, which is rarely the case, the fat loss that can be achieved on a ketogenic diet is staggering! And […]

Protein needs: men vs. women

It is the same old and ongoing war to end all wars. Are the men and women really so different? Genetically, we are different. We have different hormones and we mature at different rates. Our brains process information differently and studies suggest that we even communicate in totally different ways. But when it comes to nutrition, are men and women […]

Struggling to gain weight?

Nutrition The most important key to building muscle for those of you struggling to gain weight is nutrition. People sometimes tend to shy away from this aspect because it is difficult, but it is very necessary. The first thing to do if you are a tough winner is to start tracking everything you eat to see where you are. I […]

12 proven ways to lose belly fat

1. Schedule your meals: Most people only focus on what’s on their plate, but not on meal times. Eating smaller meals every three to four hours can boost your metabolism, which helps burn fat. The key is knowing your portion size to eat enough to continue for a few more hours. 2. Eat more protein: It is a proven fact […]

How to optimize thyroid function?

THYROID FUNCTION The reasons why women are so prone to this condition are complex, although an important factor is simply the delicate nature of a woman’s hormonal system. The thyroid gland belongs to a group of glands on the HPAT axis. This means “hypothalamus, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal axis.” The HPAT axis is the place of all hormonal instructions and instructions […]

Metamucil for weight loss

Metamucil is a great product with enormous health benefits. From lowering cholesterol to controlling blood sugar levels, Metamucil is much more than just a supplement to aid in defecation. But the only area where Metamucil isn’t great is weight loss. Due to the many benefits that Metamucil brings, the natural inclination would be to think that it would also be […]

The ketogenic diet

For many people, the ketogenic diet is a great option for weight loss. It is very different and allows the dieter to eat a diet consisting of foods that they may not expect. So the ketogenic diet, or keto, is a diet that consists of very little carbohydrates and a lot of fat. How many diets are there where you […]