The 5 most popular marble countertops

When it comes time to choose a natural stone countertop for your kitchen or bathroom, it’s no wonder that marble is at the top of many homeowners’ wish lists. The timeless beauty of marble has been displayed for centuries in some of the world’s most famous buildings, the Parthenon, and sculptures, Michelangelo’s David. In modern homes, marble remains the natural […]

What are TSG kitchen cabinets?

What is TSG? The Skekia Group, or TSG, is actually a leader in the manufacture of wooden kitchen cabinets and vanities. With more than 1000 workers, TSG tends to make each and every effort to offer high quality kitchen cabinets and cabinets at affordable costs. From its 300,000 square foot production facility in New Jersey, TSG delivers RTA cooktop cabinets […]

Introduction to floor plans

A floor plan is a two-dimensional scale drawing of the planning, size, and direction of rooms, doors, walls, and windows. Typically, the plan shows an aerial view. The plan also includes the location of the heating and air conditioning installations, electrical lines and plumbing. To create a balanced environment it is necessary to define the space and its limitations. These […]

Rustic luxury interior design

Rustic Luxe decor is a style that is here, there, and everywhere. To describe this look would be where city chic and rustic barn style overlap in a cool way. Rustic woods, elements of the earth, antiques, faded fabrics and soft cotton blankets come together in Rustic Luxury and create interiors that bring together the best of both worlds. Both […]

Upgrades: get the most out of your property

If you are buying and planning to resell or rent, to get the most out of your property, you may want to make some improvements to give it some curb appeal. The number of updates required would depend on a case-by-case scenario. Obviously, if it is necessary to do the roof, the foundation, etc., there is no question. I’m talking […]

Luxurious Indian interiors and furniture

Connected with the culture and history of India, Indian interiors focus on hand-carved furniture, ornate doors with traditional motifs, and richly embroidered textiles. Your gateway to the exotic world of color and the allure of ancient words, antiques, and Indian art carry the energy of beautiful traditions that foster prosperity and happiness. Intricately carved and handcrafted authentic Indian furniture is […]

Modern kitchen design ideas

The definition of a modern kitchen varies from person to person. Simply optimizing the means of appliances in your kitchen does not make it a modern, central kitchen. Every aspect of your kitchen, from its accessories to the design and storage facility, needs to be contemporary to give it a modern outlook. As you work on your kitchen design, first […]

Modular kitchens – the best you can get

The modernized kitchen will be based on a couple of design standards. The essential design components of modernized kitchen ideas will be contained in a clean space, modern art appliances, lots of light, clean lines and contrasts and bold colors, advised by modular kitchen designers. Here’s a look at each of these kitchen design standards in detail. Keep long, clean […]

How To Choose Your Kitchen Sink Faucets

Choosing the right faucets for your kitchen sink is just as important as choosing the shape and size of the bowl. Faucets come in all shapes and sizes. Avoid a small faucet in a large, gaudy sink, and vice versa. Make sure the tap you have chosen directs the water to the center of the bowl. Also, make sure your […]