Can Severance Pay Be Used to Offset Wages?

Severance Pay Unless you work for a unionized company or have an employment contract that specifically calls for severance pay in the event of layoffs, your employer isn’t required to offer you severance pay when you get laid off. However, if you’re being let go as part of a larger reduction-in-force that involves mass layoffs, federal law requires your employer […]

Knowing the Basics of Constructive Dismissal

Basics of Constructive Dismissal When employers breach employment contracts, it can be difficult to discern between lawful termination and unlawful constructive dismissal. Unfortunately, a lot of employers are very skilled at disguising their actions behind the term “constructive dismissal.” This is why it is critical that both employees and businesses understand what constitutes constructive dismissal and how to protect themselves […]

What Are the Duties of a accident Injury Lawyer?

Duties of a Accident Injury Lawyer A accident injury lawyer helps injured plaintiffs obtain compensation for damages resulting from the negligent actions of another party. These attorneys have a wide range of legal duties that must be fulfilled in each case they take on, including investigating the case, helping the client understand their legal options and representing the plaintiff at […]

Maui Fire Lawyers Use Inverse Condemnation in Wildfire Cases

Maui Fire Lawyers Maui fire lawyers are working with clients who were injured, evacuated or had property destroyed in the massive wildfires that swept through Lahaina and West Maui. They have launched dual class action lawsuits against Hawaiian Electric Company and its subsidiaries. According to the suits, HEI knew the area was more susceptible to hurricane winds and flammable vegetation […]

Showing appreciation to Workplace Un-Sung Heroes

Millions of anonymous heroes are born every minute! They are everywhere: on street corners, in our homes, offices and communities, wherever there are people in need of rescue. These special people, whose positive actions and initiatives are taken for the benefit of others, are not famous or in the news for what they are doing; but their efforts affect, enrich […]

3 Steps to a Great Dating Journey

Think of yourself as a car. You maintain the integrity of a car to maximize its efficiency and it’s important to check this before going on a major trip. The same is true for dating. Follow these three steps and you will go far! #1- Eliminate energy drains Important repairs are made in a car so that gasoline does not […]

Ways to pay for care in a nursing home

The easiest way to pay for nursing home care for an elderly or disabled family member is also the most difficult. You write the monthly check. It hurts because the average annual cost is now $70,128. Before writing a check, it makes sense to talk to a knowledgeable attorney or accountant so your family doesn’t miss out on tax deductions […]

Alternatives to filing bankruptcy

People across the country are facing some unprecedented financial challenges and a severely depressed job market. In today’s economy, more and more people find themselves saddled with large amounts of debt. These can include credit card debt, your home mortgage, or past-due student loans. a way to get over some of your debts is to file bankruptcy in your state. […]