Do court reporter jobs disappear?

Court officials say that replacing court reporters with digital recordings could mean an increase in cost for taxpayers and could also mean less accurate court transcripts. The resident superior judge of the superior court stated that he was not opposed to the replacement of live court reporters with digital recorders. However, he felt there was a little way to go […]

The worthless college degree

It’s time for someone to say it loud and clear: a college degree is a waste of time. Remember, you heard it here first. Everyone “knows” that people with a college degree make more money. The only problem with that fact is that it is false. It’s easy to make it seem like a college degree will mean more money […]

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

I have a slightly different approach to goal setting than the average bear. I’m not very interested in doing a lot of specific tasks. I’m more interested in asking, “Who am I becoming?” and “Do I like this person?” For me, these are the essential questions, the BIG ones, so to speak, for these reasons: (1) I am not asking, […]

Do I really need a lawyer to get a trademark?

As an experienced trademark attorney, I am frequently asked if individuals or small businesses need an attorney to register for a federal trademark. The short answer is no, just as technically you don’t need a mechanic to change a car’s transmission or perform a major engine overhaul. However, in both cases, hiring a professional is still recommended. First, it is […]

Student loan debt in numbers

Almost everyone knows these days that student loan debt is an urgent problem. Millions of young college graduates are leaving school facing huge burdens of debt and the inability to find well-paying jobs to pay off these debts. The economy is unable to sustain the number of graduates, and since student loan debt cannot be canceled in bankruptcy, many find […]

Gratitude, pass it on!

Who has helped you on your way to success? How have you thanked them? Coach Wooden said, “It takes 10 hands to make a basket.” Show appreciation to others who made you successful: “Coach Wooden insisted that his players always acknowledge the help and support they received from other team members. For example, a player who scored a basket after […]