Building Great Businesses in Nigeria: Lessons from Jimoh Ibrahim

Nigeria is blessed with many prominent capitalists and wealthy industrialists who own multi-billion dollar conglomerates with assets exceeding trillions of Naira and who collectively employ thousands of Nigerians in their various business operations, thus contributing significantly to the size, scope and direction of our nation. economy. Prominent among these are Aliko Dangote, founder and chairman of Grupo Dangote, which has […]

Learning Disabilities: 18 Critical Factors for a Successful Transition After High School

Since students with learning disabilities are at higher risk in college, they should allow themselves adequate time to prepare for post-secondary success now. Considering the eighteen factors below increases the likelihood that the transition from high school to college will be as smooth as possible. 1. To begin your college search, make a list of desirable qualities in a school […]

Women’s Empowerment: An Overview

Much has been said about equality in society where men and women are given equal importance, and also crimes against women are increasing at an alarming rate. Much has been written and spoken about who is responsible for these crimes: the man who committed the crime? Inadequate application of the law? Social attitude of looking at women? Cultural education? This […]

10 Ways to Improve Family Law Courts

The current model responsible for governing family law courts is extremely outdated and archaic. It is governed by a chauvinistic 1950s view of marriage and parenthood. Men are expected to be robotic and emotional, while women are expected to take care of the home and children. Women now work. The economy is in shambles, while even those not burdened with […]

Child Custody and Visitation Issues in California – General Information

Child custody issues in California family law can arise through the initiation of proceedings for dissolution of marriage (divorce), legal separation, annulment, or paternity proceedings. Child custody issues can arise even if the parties are not legally separated, but live apart. There are various child custody classifications in the state of California such as; Sole legal and physical custody, primary […]

Sex crimes in Tennessee

Sex crimes in the state of Tennessee are codified in Title 39, Chapter 13 of the Tennessee Code Annotated. These crimes may include rape, aggravated rape, sexual assault, rape, solicitation of a minor, and patronizing prostitution. Perhaps the most serious consequence of being convicted of a sex crime in Tennessee is being placed on the sex offender registry. Under Tennessee […]

Overview of Pharmacy Technician Courses

People looking to work as pharmacy technicians should enroll in a program, either online or on campus, that offers pharmacy technician courses. Keep in mind, however, that certification and education requirements are governed by the state, and therefore the courses one can expect to take vary from state to state. Online Pharmacy Technician Courses There are several online courses for […]

Twitter for Freelance Writers – Tweet with a Plan

The world of freelance writing is changing rapidly; Twitter, the micro-blogging platform, is a great way to keep up with the changes. But be careful: if you’re using Twitter, tweet with a plan; otherwise, Twitter can be a fun time sink and far less helpful to your career than it should be. Here are four tips to help you build […]

Bachelor’s Degree – BA vs. BS

There are many people who wonder why some bachelor’s degrees, when you earn them, designate you as a bachelor of arts and other bachelor’s degrees designate you as a bachelor of science. Well the answer is very simple. A Bachelor of Arts is for someone who earns a Bachelor’s degree in any non-technical or science-related field. A Bachelor of Science […]