The role of a divorce attorney

Divorce attorneys are legal professionals who specialize in issues related to legal separation, such as divorce, annulment, and dissolution. Most of them are family law experts who focus on different topics associated with family and marriage, such as adoptions and wills. Couples who are going through the legal separation process are advised to retain an attorney who is knowledgeable about […]

How many parts of insects are in your tomato sauce?

According to the Food and Drug Administration and their guidelines for our food producers, there are probably quite a few insects in your tomato sauce and other foods you eat. Tomato worms, flies, beetles, spiders, and rat hair are just some of the “added ingredients” you will consume. In fact, it is estimated that the average American eats between one […]

Do you need an employment lawyer?

A labor attorney is a legal representative who specializes in employment-related cases. If you believe that you have been unfairly fired, sexually harassed, treated unfairly, and discriminated against, an employment attorney can guide you in your rights as an employee. In addition to this, employment advocates often handle work-related disputes, including issues related to financial discrimination, worker’s compensation, wages, and […]

Free Restaurant Employee Manuals for Small Business Owners

Free restaurant employee manuals from trusted online sources provide the freedom and convenience small restaurant owners need to save money and time running their business. However, there are certain risks in using free restaurant employee manuals without checking whether the generic policies fit the needs of your restaurant business. Before publishing your employee handbook, consider the following points: 1. Have […]

Law School Essay Exams: What to Memorize

Law students ask, “Isn’t law school more than just memorizing? The answer is clear: Absolutely! But should law students memorize? The answer is equally clear: Absolutely! Some professors mistakenly tell students that “law school is not about memorizing.” I say “wrongly” because law school IT IS about memorization … and much more. But for now, let’s focus on grades, and […]

Adding Images to Your PowerPoint: Public Domain, Royalty-Free, and Rights-Managed Photography

The Internet makes it incredibly easy to reinforce a presentation with pictures on almost any topic. There there are many stock photography websites that offer images, illustrations and vector-based art for a price. Other places show “free” photos for anyone to use, with or without restrictions. Here are three types of copyright restrictions every presenter should know. Public domain: Works […]

Securities Lawyer Job Description

When you work as a securities attorney, you will have to be responsible for three different areas, including: • Work with clients • Acting as a resource • Stay informed about legal rulings and new laws regarding securities. Securities are investments that can be traded on the secondary market, which is where investors buy securities of other investors. Two examples […]