Can a narcissist love?

Anyone who has ever loved a narcissist wonders, “Does he really love me?” “Does she appreciate me?” They are torn between their love and their pain, between staying or leaving, but it seems they can’t either. Some swear they are loved; others are convinced that they are not. It is confusing, because sometimes they experience the caring person they love, […]

What are Twin Flames and Soulmates?

What are soulmates? Soulmates are two souls that were created when the same energetic unit was divided into two separate and complete halves in the Universal Womb of all Creation by Mother-Father God. Soulmates are born together on the energy plane in a manner comparable to twin babies born together on the physical plane when a zygote divides into two […]

Do you feel cursed? How to get rid of bad mojo with do-it-yourself techniques!

Some days can be challenging, but if you have more lows than highs in a 3 week period, chances are there are stale or “negative” energies keeping you from accomplishing the little things in life. All that negativity that can ooze and begin to manifest worse situations than the inexplicable breakdown of an appliance has disappeared uncontrollably! The signs of […]

Ginger and the candida diet

Ginger ale soda and gingerbread cookies are two things that probably come to mind when we think of ginger. These are extremely tasty ways to consume ginger, however they are surely not the healthiest ways to consume it and consuming it in this way can be very problematic for those of us who follow the candida diet to treat yeast […]

Humor – Basic joke construction

I recommend that you read the first article in this series before continuing, for obvious reasons. In the last article we talked about the key ingredient of humor, the element of surprise, and how creating humor does not start with finding the fun in life, but rather with finding the truth in life. Today we are going to start there […]

The easiest home remedies for acne

Having acne can be one of the most embarrassing and difficult things to deal with. When you feel like someone is looking at your acne instead of you, it can completely lower your self-image. These days, with people as busy as ever, finding the easiest home remedies for acne is critical. Here are some of the simplest methods to reduce […]