Weimaraner Personality – The Human Race as Dog

Highly intelligent and sensitive, these dogs crave companionship. They are happiest when they are among humans and as family members. Many pet owners mention that they are just like humans in the way they think about problems. So, like humans, they need lots of company and exercise. The breed can be described as a medium to large-sized bird dog with […]

Potato, Potahto – I’ll take them both!

To create a culinary American staple, the plant it comes from has to come from close to home. For this reason, it is not surprising that the potato from which French fries are made was first created by our neighbors in South America. The Irish potato was first created in the Andes Mountains to be more specific. The Irish potato […]

How to build your own pet drinker

Did you know that water should make up 60-70% of an adult pet’s body weight? But pets are unpredictable drinkers at the water bowl. They can leave more water on the ground than ends up in their mouths… It takes careful observation to see if your pet is trying to tell you something about its health, so you need to […]

SitStayFetch – Dog Obedience Training Book Review

The first thing I noticed when I bought the Sit Stay Fetch was that it is meaty. SitStayFetch is one of the most comprehensive and comprehensive dog ownership tools I’ve come across. Let me say up front that I am a huge fan of this dog training package. I was very happy when I discovered it and have used it […]

5 factors to consider before having a Siberian husky

Did you see that Siberian husky pup in the window? Those bright blue eyes and fluffy fur make him the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Don’t you want to take her home? Siberian Huskies are some of the most fun pets you can have. But there are 5 main factors you MUST consider before choosing to own one. Huskies are […]

Use Your Food Processor To Make Homemade Dog Food

The melamine scare of 2007 has led many pet owners to seek out safer food sources. For those of you unfamiliar with the problem, basic ingredients used in pet food were found to be contaminated with melamine. Several animals were poisoned, leading to illness and even death. The source of the melamine was determined to be China. However, since the […]

Working from home with a cat or a dog… is it possible?

If you’re a cat or dog lover, working from home might seem like a dream! After all, you now have the option of working with companionship from a pet. all day. That’s great for them and for you… Until you really try. That’s when you realize that this is quite a challenge with a host of logistical and practical hurdles. […]

Help Your Pet Heal Faster With Emu Oil

Are you planning to spay or neuter your pet in the near future? Even though digs and cats have remarkable healing abilities every time they undergo surgery, wouldn’t you like to help your furry child’s health with this surgery faster? Emu oil is your answer! Emu oil is derived from the Australian bird, the emu, a cousin of the ostrich. […]

Pros and cons of using a dog park

A dog run or exercise pen is six or eight hinged panels that form a closed ring that you can put your dog or other types of pets in for semi-supervised time, either indoors or outdoors. Dog parks come in different sizes and are constructed of steel wire, similar to wire dog crates, plastic, or a newer emerging variety that […]

Why do ferrets steal things?

The word ferret has its origin in Latin and is translated as pilferer. With that bit of knowledge, it should come as no surprise that ferrets like to steal things and hoard them. My ferrets take everything they can drag. I’ve seen my little one pound girl try to take the sterilized dog bone; the bone weighs more than it […]