Poodle breeders and buyers

Although the exact ancestry of the Poodle is widely disputed, the French are more commonly credited with the origin of the breed. Poodles are probably descendants of the French Barbet, who was a water dog. Poodles are very fond of water and were once used as hunting dogs that retrieved waterfowl in water and on land. The name Poodle comes […]

Labrador puppies for the family

When you are looking to buy Labrador puppies, you need to know certain things about the breed. This will help you choose the right Lab puppy and also help you decide if this is the dog for you. The first important thing is to investigate the appearance of the dog, how it should look and how it should behave. These […]

3 reasons why modern farmers are embracing IoT technology at an astonishing rate

It seems that today everything is affected in some way by the Internet of things. It is changing the way goods are produced, the way they are marketed and the way they are consumed. Much of the conversation about IoT has revolved around transformation in industries like manufacturing, petrochemicals, and medicine, but one industry that has already seen widespread adoption […]

How is hip dysplasia diagnosed in dogs?

Young large breed dogs, such as Labradors, St. Bernards, and Great Danes, are prone to developing a condition called canine hip dysplasia (CHD). So are some of the smaller breeds, such as Beagles, Bloodhounds, Brittany Spaniels, and Bloodhounds. Coronary heart disease is a very serious disease that can cause a dog to suffer a lot of pain and even become […]

All about what a purebred Boston Terrier looks like

A breed standard is a breed organization’s model of how the ideal dog should look and act. This is what a show dog is judged against as a purebred Boston Terrier. Rather than being compared to the other dogs in the ring, the dog is compared to how well he conforms to the breed standard. Usually this is what breeders […]

The story of a ghost (fictional tale)

In the late afternoon, I was sitting on the firm surface of my bed. I can’t go back to sleep; On the grate, I waited until the last sunlight peeked through the slats. At that time I was in such anguish that I was dazzled. In one swift movement, my thoughts wished to see the distant place where the moments […]

Pets the next day

Next day pets is a pet website that brings together a community of pet owners, or more specifically dog ​​owners. This website is entirely dedicated to dogs and sadly there are no offers for cats or kittens on the next day pets dot com. However, at this point it is important to mention that both dogs and cats are equally […]

Medications known to cause sudden deafness in dogs

First, before your dog is treated for an inner ear infection, it is important to determine if it is a bacterial, yeast, or fungal infection. Treating yeast and fungal infections with specific antibiotics is counterproductive. It could temporarily or even permanently damage your dog’s hearing! Most of the time, this deafness involves older dogs … but that doesn’t eliminate younger […]

5 tips for easy puppy house training

The sooner you potty train your puppy, the better. You want to establish good habits from the beginning. And a dog that has never used the bathroom in the house will never consider the house as a place * to * go to the bathroom. I’ve always found the puppies we buy from real working farms (NOT puppy farms) to […]

Cat penis diseases and treatment

If you have a cat, cat penis diseases are part of several cat health problems to be aware of. Generally, it is adult and older cats that are victims of this particular disease. Infection in a cat’s penis can also hamper his normal sex life and cause him great discomfort. While it may be okay for a cat to have […]