Female sexuality over the years

Throughout the years, normal female sexuality has walked through fields of thorns and excruciating pain inflicted by culture and ignorance. Elite medical and psychiatric professionals were the vanguard of bestial cruelty. It was a widespread medical contempt for very normal female sexuality that was also found in public life and literary works. In the 19th century, female masturbation and nymphomania […]

Parenting in the 21st century

The liberal standard of today’s society with its sea change in values, attitudes and changing lifestyles has left both parents and children reeling in a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčuncertainty. The constant exposure to consumerism, violence, promiscuity, sexual preferences and pedophilia through the audiovisual media has a confusing effect on impressionable minds. The erosion of authority, broken families, broken marriages, and unsafe […]

Total Cleanse Recipe – Juices

Body cleansing is one of the most essential things you can do regularly if you want to maintain optimal health and extend your life for many years. There are several methods to achieve this goal, some of the most common methods are making your own juice. The simple recipes listed present a good idea to start with when a person […]

7 Signs That Your Sugar Daddy Is Controlling

When money is involved, anything has the nasty potential to become more like a business. Your sugar daddy is used to business relationships and is used to working in an environment where money gives people the right to expect more from the people they deal with. He is used to being the boss. Whatever your relationship, even if you’re submissive […]

30 uses of a laminator at home

Never thought you would have a use for a laminator at home? Think again. There are hundreds of uses for these machines, which will leave you wondering how you ever managed without one. From gifts to practical household applications, laminating items makes them more durable, waterproof, and attractive. Laminate can intensify colors and lend a smarter look to any project. […]

Getting a toddler to stop using a pacifier

Babies need their pacifiers. These simple elements allow them to suck, one of the most intrinsic and basic human needs. Pacifiers are anatomically created to be used during the first two years of a child’s life. As a toddler gets older, parents start to take away the pacifier. Even if the pacifier is removed, children become accustomed to thumb sucking, […]

Lead Magnets: Why serving leftovers is a bad move

Evoke visions of your favorite restaurant. Now, imagine you’ve never eaten there before. But one day, you walk past a restaurant you’re no longer familiar with, and you notice a couple of people out front. They’re giving away free samples to anyone who wants one. You walk around, they offer you your favorite food (in a small portion) and you […]