Prison Architech Alpha 21 Review

How to play In Prison Architect you are the supervisor of a prison, and your job is to create your own prison! You will create cells, showers, canteens, kitchens and everything else to create a prison as you wish! You will start by selecting the size you want to start your prison (small, medium, large) and your options, such as […]

The Truth About Woolite Target

About Woolite Target What is Woolite Target? It is a weightless, molded clay body that offers great resistance to impacts, heat and most importantly moisture. It was invented by the late Dr. Bernard Woolf, who is considered to be as a pioneer in the area of anti-abrasion and body contouring. He developed it in the mid 1940’s in the basement […]

Top 3 Tablets of 2020 – A Review

The invention of the tablet changed things forever. But since then, the market has been flooded with hundreds of tablets. Each of them houses a variety of features and designs. It makes it very difficult to find the best tablets available. We have scoured the internet for the three best tablets. Take a look at our top three picks below. […]

How to improve your speech

If you’ve lived long enough, chances are you’ve been to an audience and woken up to that great phrase, ‘In conclusion.’ In a super boring one I sat in recently, the speaker asked if anyone had a question, I’d be happy to try and answer it. A member of the audience stood up. “I have a question,” he said. ‘Is […]

Samsung flagship reboot: the Galaxy S6

The latest flagship smartphone from the Korean electronics giant is a polarizing proposition. For one thing, the latest Galaxy S6 eschews a lot of features that Samsung fans loved. These features have been touted by Android fans and girls to their iOS loving friends, for many years, as definite perks of using a Google-powered smartphone. Features are: removable and expandable […]