Top 3 College Football Picks for the Weekend

Top Play: NC State -10 over UNC I really have to question the mentality of the Tar Heels going into this 0-2 and babbling on offense. Their QB Baker took quite a beating against Wisconsin last weekend and will continue to do so unless UNC finds some sort of running game. This Wolfpack team is much more athletic than UNC […]

1980 recession: how deep it was and how it compares to 2010

In the early 1980s, the United States suffered a recession. In 1980, the gross domestic product measured -0.3%. The following year, GDP grew at 2.5%, in 1982 it fell again to -1.9%. During this period the unemployment rate was on the rise. The good news, however, was that interest rates, which had previously been through the roof, were coming down. […]

Detectives Sloan and Falimoso – What if?

Detectives Sloan and Falimoso had just arrived at the Squad 19 detective office around 10:00 a.m. The two astute and knowledgeable detectives had been on the trail of Tyrone “Kilo” Clay, one of the most notorious drug dealers in the world. district. It seems “kilo” never sold anything under an ounce of coke, and had recently bragged to a 19th […]

An artist’s recipe for life

Be carefree with a smile. Laugh on purpose. Lie down in the dark field and watch the comets. Look danger in the eye with unwavering joy. Wink, flirt, kiss and admire the romance and beauty in others. Feel the grass, the wind, the sun and everyone’s emotions. Laugh at dream stealers like you would at a puppy attack. He plays […]

Buy baseball tickets from a ticket broker

Everyone loves to spend the afternoon at a baseball park, watching their favorite baseball teams fight for victory. Whether it’s the National League or the American League, baseball fans have their favorites. There are twenty-nine wonderful teams in the United States and one, the Toronto Blue Jays, in Canada. You can now select baseball tickets for teams located anywhere in […]

Importance of reading management books

We all remember the days when we had to read school books to pass our exams. He personally hated reading and thought it was a waste of time. For me at that time, life was not very complicated: I went to school, played video games, played with my friends, watched TV, and it was taaaaaaaay time to sleep again. As […]