Toshiba A135 S7403

Best Buy has finally launched its successful Black Friday laptop list and it includes the latest Toshiba A135 S7403 Satellite laptops for just $229. With this laptop Toshiba has become one of the cheapest laptops announced so far. Unfortunately, the latest laptop has an Intel Celeron 530 processor which is a bit slower compared to Intel Core processor. All Black […]

Growth of social networking sites

Social networks are the latest fashion among young and old. Social networking sites have become a great platform for people from different walks of life to express their views and ideas and meet people with similar interests. There are hundreds of social networking sites on the Internet that have attracted millions of web browsers. This social media trend is quite […]

Online Shopping Jargon: Abbreviations and Acronyms

Visiting coupon, rebate, or deal sites may, at first, seem Like visiting a foreign country. You see phrases like: GDA! BBW B&M BOGO in soaps, HTH And you think WHAT? Hey? What are you talking about? That language is THAT? (Translation: Good Deal Alert! Bath & Body Works brick and mortar store has buy one get one on soaps hope […]

When learning is not easy

From the moment we find out we are expecting a child, our minds and hearts are full of hopes and dreams for them. My son will be the most beautiful, brilliant and talented little person to ever walk the Earth, right? And they are that for each one of us! But sometimes, we discover that there is a “problem”. The […]

baby scrapbook

You will never run out of photos to scrapbook with your baby and toddler. This article will give you even more ideas for designs. Themes for designs are endless. Pay attention to your surroundings and pick up creative ideas from everything around you. Leave out that your toddler can’t stop looking: a page about their favorite cartoons and their interaction […]

The Nokia C5 – Easier Messaging

With the Nokia C5, messaging is much easier. With a design we’ve grown accustomed to for years, this simple mobile phone takes messaging to a whole new level. With the C5, there are more ways to get the message across than just calling and texting. With the Nokia C5, you can instantly access your favorite social networks, like Facebook. With […]

Disadvantages of viewing pornography

In the old days, the word “addiction” was largely limited to substance dependency (drug addiction) or behavioral addiction (gambling). Addiction can be defined as the repetition of a habit that an individual performs with full knowledge of it. In other words, they clearly know and understand that they have to stop a particular habit of ingesting a substance or performing […]