Facts about artificial intelligence

AI is short for Artificial Intelligence, which refers to the ability of a machine or computer program to think and learn like humans. Also, it is a field of study that works to make a computer smarter. The term IA was coined in 1955 by John McCarthy. Let’s find out more about the history of AI and some facts. Generally, […]

How to organize a Google contact list

So now you have your Gmail sorted with all the relevant labels and folders. You have already used the filters to create a neat appearance. Still, something seems to be missing, it seems like your Contacts aren’t organized yet, and it’s a total mess. Well, if you knew the trick to sort your Gmail contacts then it wouldn’t bother you […]

Decorate a home office with vintage style and class

Let’s start with the essentials, a horizontal surface on which to write and place other essentials like a computer / fax / copier, telephone, and whatever else you’d like to have close by. Think of a desk with a roll top. There are reproductions made in various sizes to suit your workspace and needs. If you like authenticity, consider working […]

The need for silence in a noisy world

It is quite evident that we live in a terribly noisy world and it seems to get worse every day. Wherever we go, loud and unwanted sounds assail us. When we enter elevators, shopping centers and restaurants, the musak invades us. I recently had lunch at a popular restaurant and found the background music so loud that it interfered with […]