Brain cancer cases on the rise worldwide

Most people don’t know much about brain cancer, although I’m sure everyone will admit that they want nothing to do with it. Unfortunately, brain cancers are on the rise around the world and there are many reasons for this. It is a very serious problem and challenge for the future of humanity, not only for those inflicted, but also because […]

What’s the NFL beef against Twitter?

Social media has been very successful. Since 2005, when MySpace really took off, more and more people are bypassing traditional sources of information (TV, radio, newspapers) in favor of cutting-edge websites that radiate “modern”, “chic” and “in”. How else can you explain the growth of YouTube, Facebook, and the latest social media favorite, Twitter? On the surface, the use of […]

My kids don’t drive me crazy

As a homeschooler, when you see me in public, you will probably see one to five of my children by my side. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10:00 a.m. M. From a Wednesday at the grocery store or 11:30 a.m. M. In a busy doctor’s office. Children are always with me. What puzzles me is the reaction of the adults […]

Get the Facebook and Twitter plugins

More than millions are using social networking websites around the world. The most popular social networking sites are Facebook and Twitter. Twitter has now hit the 10 billion tweet mark. People love to play Facebook app games like FarmVille, Mafia Wars, etc. People are actively using these networks to connect and share with their friends, to improve their business partnerships, […]

Abdominal Toners – Too Overweight for the Slendertone Flexible Belt?

Almost anyone can achieve stronger and sexier toned abs with a Slendertone Flex Belt toning program. Although it is an excellent abs toning machine, the final results will largely depend on two important factors: You are in good shape? Older people, new moms, busy business people, people who exercise occasionally, and people with physical difficulties are perfect candidates for the […]

Top 10 Budget Smartphones for 2015

With Android and iOS dominating the smartphone operating system market; HTC, Motorola, Samsung, and of course Apple have closely attached their names to the devices. Google is playing on your list of Gmail, Google Play, Cloud, and Calendar apps. The iPhone is giving everything in one with its App Store. If you crave one, you don’t need to budget for […]

What is Kodi?

At this point, consumers are beginning to realize the fact that the satellite dish and cable industry is changing. The birth of Netflix, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime allowed viewers to watch their shows on demand and at a lower cost than traditional satellite or cable services. Many people still subscribe to cable or satellite dish and will add a […]

Can the US military drive for Uber?

For members of the military, making ends meet remains a challenge in today’s world. However, the obligations of being in the military restrict most part-time jobs, as their commitment prevents them from working more than a short period for themselves. However, for those in the military who have their own qualified vehicle or rent a TLC car, Uber offers an […]