How to weave spiritual principles into your daily life

There are many spiritual principles. They include but are not limited to the following: honesty, openness, willingness, patience, love, tolerance, humility, and gratitude. When viewed in black and white, they can seem a bit overwhelming. And imagining weaving them into everyday life feels like an impossibility. Take a deep breath and relax. It’s not that sinister. Let’s travel through an […]

Cheap places to eat in New York

Cosmopolitan New York City has one of the most diverse and internationally acclaimed restaurant scenes in the world, with new places opening every day and offerings ranging from the exotic to the innovative. However, all this magic in the kitchen comes at a price and eating in such a big and bustling city can be an expensive proposition, so here […]

Getting married in South Australia

Whether it’s at one of the luxury hotels or retreats in the Barossa Valley, one of the many impressive churches in Adelaide, or the beach on any of the peninsulas, your options for stunning weddings and receptions in South Australia are endless. Planning the big day, knowing where to start and even where to hold the event can be challenging, […]

The funniest words in the English language

These words sound funny to me for some reason, and if someone didn’t know the meaning, one could guess pretty well from the sound. Waste – whatever it is, you know it’s not good and you don’t want to get involved Fair – Bring together two groups of drinkers from different countries, this is what you get. You know one […]

Surfing and camping in California

Camping in California only goes with the surf. How else could most surfers afford a weekend in Big Sur? I know I can’t afford a spa. I have camped many times in places where I could surf. Although there weren’t always waves, there was always a fire and some hot dogs. As with any planned vacation, it can be difficult […]

Things to look for in a steakhouse

Choosing the perfect barbecue is something that cannot be done in one visit. It usually takes me at least three visits to decide this! Immediately, finances come to the forefront of my mind. Therefore, this is the first factor. It is the prices of a particular restaurant that would make me choose one over another. The best value eating establishments, […]

Ants, ants, where are the guys?

I’ve learned in my life that it’s the little things that get you down. You would think that the big things are the ones that take up most of your time. But those big things grab attention from the start. You know they’re there, you know you have to do something about it, and you do. The little things in […]