A house of prayer for all peoples?

On Simchat Torah (Festival of the Rejoicing of the Law/Last Great Day) I went up to the Temple Mount with my Bible to pray. Although I don’t usually wear a yarmulke (skull cap), I took one with me. My first challenge was to get past the guards near the entrance to the Temple Mount; if they saw me with my […]

MLM Training – How To Answer The 30 Most Common Questions And Rejections In MLM Or Network Marketing

Ok, you already made the call, you started the invite, but things didn’t go as smoothly as you hoped. Your prospect started asking some tough questions. Gulp, you’re suddenly tongue-tied! You panicked and said something stupid. Just yesterday, one of my downlines asked me after they had made their first calls to a few prospects. What do you say when […]

Jersey Wooly Rabbit – Feeding and Grooming

Feeding The digestive system of most rabbits is a lesson in finesse, but with a few considerations, you can protect your bets against common and often dangerous digestive disorders. Rabbits rely on the good bacteria in their stomachs to aid in the digestion of their food. Frequently changing your diet or adding new foods too quickly can upset this delicate […]

ITC Mughal, Agra: For that perfect view of the Taj

The Taj Mahal, Agra, inspires millions to pay homage to the eternal love nest and is arguably the most visited tourist destination in India. It is only natural that accommodation options near the Taj are plentiful and suitable for all budgets. Options for luxury stays in Agra are limited but sufficient. There are 3 main luxury hotels that tourists can […]

How to turn your marketing into a money machine: examples of solid marketing

As Claude Hopkins presented in his Scientific Advertising many Decades ago, there were scientific ways to track your Marketing and Advertise and determine clearly and unequivocally what works and no. Without knowing the facts about what is actually increasing your leads and subsequently your sales success, you may also literally throwing money out the window. All you have to do […]

Villas for rent in Cyprus

For a holiday in sun-drenched Cyprus, villas with private pools are an ideal choice, offering comfort, privacy and luxury. The rise of private villa accommodation symbolizes an exciting new era in the Cyprus tourism industry. Aside from the obvious affordability, ample space, and home-like qualities, a villa vacation embodies a sense of freedom without the cumbersome privacy restrictions often imposed […]

Understanding Artificial Intelligence: Career, Admissions and Requirements in Australia

What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processed with the help of machines. In computing, one area emphasizes the formation of machines and technologies that are intelligent and capable of working and behaving like humans when presented in a real-life setting. There are a large number of processes that artificial intelligence can perform to achieve […]

Free Beat Maker software can help you make your mark!

Today, anyone can become famous in an instant. How many times have we seen people on television who were previously unnamed and unpopular, but are now popular names in the entertainment circulation? Well, that’s because you really wouldn’t know who becomes the next big thing. But you can actually do the next best thing just by owning something that makes […]

Furniture – Home Decor Essentials

Home and garden decoration is a great way to make your home and garden attractive, charming and relaxing. Before entering his house, he sees the garden. By creating a pleasantly welcoming atmosphere in your garden, you can create a cheerful introduction to your home. Furniture plays a vital role in making a house look beautiful and comfortable. The good decorum […]