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Cold feet when it comes to creative ideas for marriage proposals?

Aaagghh, trying to come up with brilliant ideas for marriage proposals is enough to drive you crazy. Not only that, but after all that planning, you’re still nervous waiting to see if she says “Yes!” And to top it all, after all is said and done, not only will everyone be looking at your engagement ring, but they will also ask … “so how did you ask the question?”

Joel asked me to marry him on Valentine’s Day. I had no idea that he was going to propose to me, so it was a total surprise. However, he called my parents several weeks before to ask their permission for my hand in marriage. Then he swore that they would keep total secrecy. He also called his parents several days before encouraging me, to alert them to what was happening. She cooked a 7 course meal for me in her apartment. Then we watched an episode of “24”, his favorite TV show. Therefore, it had the feeling of a very typical evening. After “24” ended, he presented me with my Valentine’s gift … which surprised me. He “re-gifted” a stuffed animal that he had given her on our first Valentine’s Day together. The stuffed animal was a running joke in our relationship … as he admitted to me years after the fact that that was probably the worst gift I’d ever given him and that most grown men don’t want to receive fluffy green frogs as such. gifts. Anyway, he delighted in my puzzled expression for a while as I simultaneously pretended to appreciate the regifed frog. Several minutes passed and then she said quite naturally that she actually had one more gift for me. He took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. He had candles lit all over the room and rose petals scattered on the bed. In the center of the bed, there was a small box. He took me to the box, knelt down, and asked me to be his wife. He opened the box and then, forgetting the tradition and overwhelmed with emotion, I took out the ring and put it on my finger. Then I started kissing him. He stopped me because I never answered his question. Then I responded with an emphatic “Yes!” the rest is history ……

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Do not be afraid. Here are some ideas for marriage proposals that you can take all the credit for and present as your own:

– Wedding Proposal Ideas: # 1 Make It Outdoors … The Proposal That Is … Pack a 5-star deluxe picnic with champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and other similar gourmet luxuries. If you have one, go to one of your favorite natural picnic spots. Present her with a list of 100: unique things you have done together, inside jokes, favorite moments, etc. After you have eaten the delicious food and read the list, it will be like putty in your hand … Take out the ring and ask if it will be yours forever.

– Ideas for marriage proposals: # 2 Do something special with a memory you have from one of your dates. that is, frame a movie ticket stub from the first movie you went to together. Go back to the place where you had your first date. Remember all the good times you had together since you started dating. Gift him the memory and talk about how you have had so many adventures together and how you never want it to end. After she squealed about the memory and how considerate you are, take out the ring and ask the question. This will be a night that she will remember forever and you will look like one, romantic stud.

– Ideas for marriage proposals: # 3 Have a printed T-shirt that says “Next Mrs. _______ (insert last name)”. Prepare a romantic dinner at home for her. When it’s time right after dinner, tell him you bought him something. Present the shirt (which should be elegantly wrapped in a gift box). As his eyes bulge as he reads the shirt, he takes out the ring and asks.

– Ideas for marriage proposals: # 4 Take her to the neighborhood of your childhood. Show him some of the special places that you loved as a child. In the last place, kneel down and propose. Have a fabulous night planned by following the proposal.

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