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Common wrestling moves

Kids grow up watching WWE, UFC, and other wrestling championships on television and want to “do that.” Common high school wrestling moves are very different from professional ones. This is a rundown of some classic high school wrestling moves and how to do them.

There are basically 3 positions you can find yourself in during a wrestling match: standing, up or down.

When the match begins, both players are standing. The level of fighter you have will define the type of takedown you attempt. New players and lightweights often aim for the legs, while stronger players use their entire body to take down the other man.

A common takedown from standing is the ankle or crib. A wrestler quickly grabs the opposite ankle (right ankle, left hand) and pulls it towards his waist. This captured leg can be used to bring the competition to the mat. A double leg takedown follows the same idea, but you cross your arms to grab both of your opponent’s legs. Strong fighters will use these techniques repeatedly in competition and will dominate the match through points (causing a technical knockdown).

Let’s say you take down your opponent. From the highest position … what do you do? The most common move is the half nelson. When a player lands on the mat, they naturally do a push-up to get back on their feet. When she does that, she slides her arm through his on the same side and turns to put her hand on his neck. Keep your chest on top of him while moving your legs to the side, otherwise you will be called to stop the match. Use your hand and whole body force to drag him up and onto his back to give him the full pin.

If you are down, the objective is to get out from under your opponent and return to a standing position. To escape a crib, sharply extend your tied leg and walk away when you feel your grip falter. You can use your hands as additional points to get rid of him.

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