Discover the 7 best lead generation methods for your business (and understand them)

Like the classic real estate industry question: “What are the 3 most important characteristics of any property?” (rent, rent, rent) – The most important fuel you will create, buy, or wish you had for your business is leads, leads, leads! Doesn’t it make sense to know and understand the top 7 ways to generate leads?

Production method #1:

Direct Visual Impact. Impact? Really? In fact! Unfortunately, when it comes to direct lead generation as it has been done for decades, most people get it wrong. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sign on the side of your vehicle, a building, or bandit signs, you need to be direct, powerful, and brief with your message. Your colors should be bright and high contrast. Yellow and black signals work best, period. The area of ​​the sign should be maximized so that the letters are as large as possible. Become a sign savant: Evaluate the readability, placement, and “attention factor” of each sign you see. Emulate the best of what you see.

Production method #2:

It is very important that you become hyper-aware of the power of coupons. You can easily make a business card that is also a coupon. When you do this, you are adding great power to each card you deal. Can you put flyers on car windows? If you put a flyer on my windshield, it makes me want to meet you to tell you what I think. When you place a valuable trading card sized coupon right above my door handle on the window sill, I’ll put it in my wallet – HUGE difference!

Production method #3:

The US Post Office (USPS) is now offering delivery of one 8″ x 11″ booklet for 16 cents per PO box. This is an amazing deal. it gets better You can sell flyer advertising to other businesses that don’t compete with you and cover their cost. Please understand that you can get 5000 plastic-coated double-sided color flyers for around $400. As you can see, with both sides available for ads (coupons), you’ll have plenty of space to sell, and at the same time, your ad (coupon) will appear on one part of the same brochure. This is endless free advertising for a little work. You could even earn money while getting your ad for free!

Production method #4:

We all hate SPAM email, right? However, you may not realize that you have probably responded to a SPAM email at some point. From that email, you may have gained trust in the person who sent you the original SPAM. SPAM is legal if you follow a few simple rules: Google it. Large corporations use SPAM legal email. Most people don’t realize that the SPAM law is actually the CAN-SPAM law (which means you can spam as long as you follow half a dozen simple rules).

How can you make it so no one gets mad? Offer free help or valuable information. I did this with real estate agents. (for instance). I sent them valuable advice that they had never received before. I told them in the original email that I would continue to send tips unless they unsubscribed. I made it extremely easy for them to unsubscribe. I quickly built a large list that accepted my emails. I eventually made them an offer on my product in the same email with a tip. My product was leads for real estate buyers that we (my son and I) produced on the Internet. We offered a great bargain. Because we continue to offer great free information along with our product offerings, very few opted out.

Production method #5:

Run a simple drawing for something. We’ve all put our business card in a box for a free lunch. If you have a physical business, you can do this to draw attention to a new product in your inventory. Make the drawing for that product. Put the date of the drawing outside about 60 days. People will give you their name, email, and cell phone number. Follow up and offer them a “special phone offer” discount on the product.

Production method #5:

Create a business card rack in your store. You can buy these shelves too. They are designed to hold about 20 business cards in up to 60 slots. Next, buy some $1 or $2 plastic desk card holders. Make a business card coupon. Visit local businesses around your business. Introduce yourself and say: “I’d like to ask you a favor: could you put my cards on your counter?” Show them your 40 cards on the small individual shelf. Order your cards: “I will display your cards in my store.” This works great!

Production method #6:

The famous review service (YELP) is a powerful lead generator. Most people don’t realize they need to list their business on YELP. Google+ is also powerful. Sign up for both, now! Start writing YELP reviews on every business service you use. Write honest reviews. YELP will publish your reviews only after you have written multiple reviews.

Production Method #7:

Production of leaflets online. How do you get leads online? There are several ways – it’s a great topic. google has (recently and once again) made changes… and now, YouTube clips seem to have more power than ever. If you don’t know how to make and upload YouTube clips, consider investing the time. Another time-tested method is to create simple yet powerful capture web pages. These pages often make a real and powerful offer of something of real value, for free.

Whatever you do, never stop generating leads. Build sustainable systems that are easy to maintain. You will be a great success.

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