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Does Google AdSense really work?

Google AdSense is one of the popular pay per click programs. Many joined them to earn money. This program is designed for publishers and advertisers. Advertisers have the opportunity to market and promote their business online. Publishers make money through ads that visitors click on their site. Publishers have to work hard to attract visitors to their site. However, it is not yet clear whether this program really works. Publishers can join for free and earn money. Is it really free?

The reality is that nothing is free in business. The Google AdSense program is developed for commercial purposes and of course its goal is to make a profit. So the focus is profit, the opportunity to profit from the program. It is normal in business to make a profit for every program they have. The Google AdSense program is just a simple program. Request that they become editors; If your application is approved, you become an AdSense publisher. At no cost, create a free blog on Blogger, which is also owned by Google, and post your ads there. Do some marketing to drive traffic to your blog and let it go. Very easy to earn money.

Actually, what business are you doing? You are not promoting visitors to click on your ads as it is against Google AdSense Policy and TOS. You are not selling or endorsing any products. And the ads that appear are based on your blog articles. If there were clicks to your blog, you will be paid. So easy to get money online by joining this program. Free cost and earn money.

After all, that’s like dreaming in daylight. However, it doesn’t really work in all editors. Only some of them (the publishers) are lucky, while others have nothing but to waste their time doing it. You can join them if you want and hopefully you’ll get lucky and get paid.

As a precaution, never rely on Google AdSense as your main source of income. Because then anything can happen to you like it happened to the previous editors. Do it as your side income, or just for your own experiment. But don’t be too confident that it will happen.

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