End of season letter from soccer coach to parents

Parents: We are switching to futsal mode this week for the winter. I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how pleased I am with the progress your girls have made this fall season. I think you should be very proud of how hard your daughters have been working this year.

Here’s an important lesson that sports can teach us if we’re willing to learn, and I’m happy to say it’s a lesson that I think your daughters are learning. It’s one that I think should be reinforced.

There are games that we win and games that we lose.

There are games that we play well and games that we don’t play well.

There is an important difference …

If we are in the correct division, then our competition must be evenly matched on a skill level for the results of the games to be uncertain; These are the games and opponents that will push us to stretch a little beyond what we thought were our limits.

When we play well, we do our best to use our skills as individuals and as a team, and to play with good sportsmanship. We have to play hard, we have to try throughout the game, we have to face uncertainty and difficulties and move on.

That’s when we are playing well: when we can see the correct play and do our best to make the correct play, regardless of the outcome.

As we improve in our technical skills, we will be able to make those plays more and more often, which will cause us to win more, which will lead us to tougher competition, where the cycle will continue.

The last game of the season for me captured the essence of playing well. All the girls on the field that day were doing their best to play to the best of their ability. You saw them compete for the full game against a very good team. You saw them weather the attacking storm in the first half, and not only did they not break, but they counterattacked and scored the first goal. They came out in the second half and pushed the attack, using their teammates to combine with passes and creating a good number of scoring opportunities.

They weren’t playing kickball; they tried to play with patience and skill, even when under pressure. They never stopped running, even when they were out of breath. They kept trying to move on.

When I see that, when I see them trying to play the beautiful game skillfully, as hard as they can, it really fills me with joy, because they are doing what they are supposed to do. They are showing total commitment to the team and to themselves. They are not holding back. To be able to do that when the game is at stake, without knowing how it will turn out, but despite everything, it is the highest form of courage.

In my opinion, playing well (i.e. playing hard, playing skillfully, playing with good sportsmanship, trying to make the right play as an individual and as a team) is more important than the specific result, even though I love winning so much. as the next person, having been competitive in my life and in my profession since I was a puppy.

There are games that we win and games that we lose.

There are games that we play well and games that we don’t play well.

There are games that we win, when we don’t play well, and those are dangerous games because we can learn the wrong lessons.

There are games that we lose when we do not play well, and these challenge our character: can we go back to work on our deficiencies and take responsibility for ourselves and our results?

There are games that we win, when we play well: that is the greatest joy and we have done it several times this year.

There are games that we lose, when we play well: that’s what happened yesterday. Our girls don’t give up and they played the best football of the whole year until the final whistle sounded. Sometimes these are the hardest lessons to learn: that you can play your best and still not win that day. My job as a coach is to help the girls see that difference and use it to fuel their fire to keep going, keep improving, respect the effort they put in and keep that effort alive in their practices and in their next games.

That is what we will do in futsal: hone our individual skills, work in small matches to improve our tactical game and maintain the momentum of a good outdoor season.

Each and every one of your daughters has had a fantastic season and I know you are as proud of them as I am. We are going to have a great indoor season.

Thank you very much for the trust you have placed in me to train your daughters. I promise to continue to strive to live up to their example.

– Coach

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