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Exercising without a gym – Part 2

In my first article on exercising without a gym, I explained why exercise is important. I also described some exercises that you can do without weights or equipment. Here is a list of some more exercises you can do without a gym.

Always remember to warm up before starting and always consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

1. FORWARD KICKING IN A SQUAT. There are a lot of fun things to do, because you can start to gain flexibility as well. It’s fun to see how high you can get your kicks. To perform front squat kicks, you keep your legs slightly less than shoulder width apart as part. You squat down and, on your way, lift the knee of your left leg first and finish by extending that leg in a front kick. Reposition your leg and in one movement squat again. This time, as you come up, you first lift the knee of your right leg and extend it on a front kick. You can time yourself and do this for a full minute. A variation on this is that you can do squat kicks by kicking only your left leg for one minute. Then do your right leg for a minute. This is a beautiful exercise. It’s a basic workout and incorporates cardio, leg strength, and muscular endurance.

2. JUMPING JACKS. This is a tried and true exercise! They are also called “star jumps”. Most people are familiar with jumping jacks. I will describe them here. In a standing position with your arms at your sides and your feet together, you will jump and spread your feet. At the same time, you will raise your arms to a clapping position above your head.

3. DIPS TRICEP. With this exercise, you may need to find something to use. You can use a bench or chair. You can even find a table to use. You will use the edge of your chair / bench. With your back to the edge, you will place your palms facing down with your palms facing the back of your body. Sitting on the edge, you will rise from the chair with your arms supporting the weight of your body. Bending your elbows, allow yourself to support your body weight and lower your hips off the chair. Using your triceps (or the back of your arms), press through your palms and press your body weight up. These are triceps dips.

If you did all three exercises, you should get a good full body workout!

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