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Fast Ways To Get Pregnant – Top 5 Tips

These are my favorite quick ways to get pregnant. In case your mother clock is ticking at full volume, you may feel like your time is up. Increasing your fertility may be less difficult than you think. Here are five easy ways to get pregnant. You may want to try these kinds of all-natural tips before you decide to try expensive and often annoying infertility treatment options.

Fast ways to get pregnant Tip #1: Reduce stress

For anyone struggling to get pregnant, don’t forget to enjoy the process. Alice Domar, PhD, of the Harvard Mind-Body Institute, found that women who underwent stress reduction treatment found surprising increases in their ability to get pregnant. The fact is, even women who were previously starting fertility therapy had more successful outcomes when anxiety was controlled.

Fast Ways to Get Pregnant Tip #2 – Weight/BMI

Maintaining a standard weight is vital when looking to style. Having a fairly high or even BMI (Body Mass Index) could disrupt reproductive hormones and ovulation. In the journal Human Reproduction, women with a BMI greater than 35% took twice as long to get pregnant. Women with a BMI below 19% took up to 4 times longer to get pregnant compared to women in a good range. Many Hollywood stars are encouraged to gain some weight to be at a normal level.

Quick Way to Get Pregnant Tip #3 – Eat Healthy

Taking a look at what you eat can help you conceive faster. 500 milligrams of caffeine; or about 5 cups of coffee every day actually starts to decrease fertility. Try to keep it below 200-300 mg. Eating reasonable amounts of high-fat dairy products, such as ice cream, whole milk, and cheese, has been shown to be very helpful. Reducing animal protein (red meat) and increasing plant protein (soy) are also quick ways to increase fertility.

Quick Ways to Get Pregnant Tip #4 – Right Timing

The fastest way to get pregnant could be to make use of your “Fertile Window”. Do you know when you are most fertile? The window is defined as the 6-day interval that ENDS on the day of ovulation. You are more likely to get pregnant if you have sex within 3 days of ovulation. Try using a home ovulation kit to check your fertile window.

Quick Ways to Get Pregnant Tip #5 – Lubrication

Along with increased intercourse, some couples benefit from lubrication. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, commercially available water-based lubricants, similar to Astroglide, KY Jelly, and Touch, can inhibit sperm motility by 60% to 100% within 60 minutes of incubation . So what the hell do they suggest? Canola oil!

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