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Restaurant City is a 2D social restaurant management game that allows players to start and manage their own restaurant from scratch. Rearrange and design your new restaurant with a variety of decorations. Hire a full team of friends, set the daily menu, gather ingredients, and keep customers happy. Although it’s comparable to other games like CafĂ© World and Pet Society, where players can prepare tasty meals in Restaurant City, it’s all about the ingredients. Players buy, earn, trade, and even farm the recipe ingredients needed to create meals. Work with your neighbors or compete against them for the position of the best restaurant on the block.

Starting your own restaurant, gameplay

In Restaurant City, players are in charge of their own fully functioning restaurant. Each player starts small with several tables, chairs, and stoves. Before the game can begin, users must hire some of their Facebook friends to work for them. A quick click on your avatar and then the desired job will accomplish this task. Once all the waiters, chefs, and janitors have been assigned, players are ready to go to work. Restaurant City has a useful Open Hours feature that allows players to choose opening and closing hours to suit their playing hours. This option saves users from having to rush and log in again just to check on your restaurant. There are several shifts available for managers to choose from. Each shift has a coin fee. Shorter shifts generate more profit because they are cheaper. Players can schedule their employees to work any length of time from 30 minutes to 24 hours. Employees complete tasks automatically by following their assigned duties. Custodians clean up spills, waiters serve meals, and chefs keep busy behind the kitchens. Players take on a more managerial role, so the game is quite slow. Coins and XP are earned by leveling dishes, serving customers, and visiting neighbors. Players spend most of their time using strategies to improve their rank, collecting necessary ingredients, and decorating. Each restaurant has a popularity number. The more satisfied customers, the higher the rating. Users need to figure out how to balance staff in a way that serves all incoming customers in a timely manner. Customers who have to wait too long will back out and decrease the restaurant’s popularity.

Hunting for ingredients

Restaurant City has a very varied menu. It is divided into four categories consisting of a starter, main course, dessert and drink. Players can serve customers tuna steak with vegetables, Russian cappuccino, lobster, hamburger and fries, pink lemonade, mango pudding, apple and pork chops, chocolate cake, beef enchilada, or strawberry smoothie. To cook a variety of foods, you need ingredients. The ingredients market is limited and very expensive. There are only three items for sale per day for coins. The rest of the ingredients require Playfish Cash to purchase. If a player doesn’t want to spend real money on common items like water, ice, bread, butter, flour, sugar, cheese, and eggs, they must rely on their neighbors and other methods to obtain them. Players can receive ingredients daily for free by logging in and correctly answering the food questionnaire. The questions often range from real life cooking techniques to culinary trivia. It is quite challenging. This is a unique feature of the game that educates players in a fun way. In Restaurant City a garden option similar to the Pet Society game is available. Players can grow their own fresh ingredients. The garden lot expands as the user levels up. Although it is a nice touch, there is no choice in the type of seeds you can plant. A mysterious bag of unmarked seeds will produce random spices, vegetables or fruits when ripe. New dishes can be learned and level up to increase XP when all required ingredients have been collected. Neighbors can also help in finding ingredients.

Checking out the competition

At Restaurant City, friendly competition and friendship go hand in hand. Players can visit their friends’ restaurants to help out or take a trip to a random street to see how other restaurant mogul businesses work. Visiting neighbors can earn free coins, XP, and an ingredient. Remove trash from your floor like spilled soda cans, discarded pizza slices, and banana peels by clicking on them. Sometimes your restaurant may have a nasty leak, a blazing fire, a penguin invasion, a sleeping bear scaring customers away, or giant mushrooms in the garden that require immediate attention. The first time a player visits a new neighbor, they win a free ingredient. This makes neighbors an essential part of the game. Users must trust their friends to earn a significant amount of XP to level up and receive ingredients that can be tedious at times. Players can also trade ingredients with each other by clicking on the Ingredient Trade icon. For some players who don’t like to depend on their friends to advance games, constantly joining in, adding lists of neighbors, and haggling over ingredients can be exhausting. All neighboring restaurants on the street are ranked in order of popularity. This system allows players to know exactly how their restaurant is compared to their friends. Restaurant City takes full advantage of its multiplayer aspects, allowing users to travel random streets with non-neighbor players and rate their restaurants.

Everything but the sink

The personalization at Restaurant City is exceptional. Everything is customizable, from a player’s avatar to the tiny details on the exterior of the building. Users have the option of keeping their avatar basic or customizing it. Give your avatar a rock star Mohawk, Princess Leila hairstyle, villain outfit, or cool shades. The game has dozens of various themes to choose from, including Roadside Diner, Saloon, Moroccan, Medieval, Oriental, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, 1960s psychedelic, and Victorian style. There are also some funny and unexpected designs like UFO, Zombie, Ghost, Anime and Princess available. It is possible for players to create any type of restaurant they want. Necessary basic items like chairs, tables, stoves, toilets, and even drink dispensers come in a variety of custom styles. Depending on the desired theme or look, users have hundreds of items that they can add to renovate their restaurant. Click and drag new patterned tile floors, colorful wallpaper, arcade machines, dividers, walls, aquariums, stereos, and arcade machines. The exterior of the restaurant can also be redesigned. Resize the building from a small size to a gigantic building base. Put up various roofs or use decorations like a roving spotlight, balloons, lanterns, flags, flowers, awning, menu signs, gorilla, benches, robot chef, and a magical unicorn. A very cool feature of Restaurant City is the music player that can also be customized. Users can change the default elevator tune that plays over and over to a catchier tune. Choose from the classic Pineapple Overture, the cheerful My Irish Heart, Asian-inspired Delicate Spring, Latin Fiesta Brothers, or the smooth Lounge Lizard Slide.

Final verdict: great

Players participate in a competitive world filled with restaurants vying for the top spot. In Restaurant City, users have infinite customization possibilities. There are also some very cool features that keep the game entertaining. Explore the virtual streets in search of ingredients, listen to the music player while planning the menu, send messages to your friends or test your knowledge as a foodie in one of your quizzes. It goes beyond other similar games like Cafe World or Pet Society by adding more social multiplayer options like the ingredient neighbor trading system. The slower paced game with the Open Hours setting for scheduling the game makes it perfect for busy gamers.

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