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How much does a limousine cost?

How much does a limo ride cost? If you are on this page, you are probably thinking of hiring one for the first time. Since there are different types of limousines, choosing one can be difficult for you. In fact, it can be a bit intimidating. Here are some things you may want to consider before renting one. The tips below can help you get the right service as well as lower the rent you have to pay. Without further ado, let’s go over the tips.

1. Choose the right style

If you are looking to rent a limo, know that not all are the same. You may need to choose one that suits the number of guests you want to travel with. Each car comes with a different price tag. So, make sure you go for the right type of car. Renting the wrong one will create problems in the future, as it will not be able to accommodate all your guests. Therefore, you may want to hire the right one to avoid embarrassment.

2. Rent one on the weekends

Like other services, limousines are in high demand for a few months due to increased demand. It is understood that the price of the limousine will be higher during the high demand period. For example, on weekends, the rental rate may be higher. On the other hand, Tuesdays can be much slower.

3. Rental period

Most service providers charge by the hour. And the hourly rate can range from $ 75 to $ 300 depending on the style and company you choose. Sometimes some companies have a minimum hour requirement. Therefore, you will not be allowed to rent for an hour or two.

4. Tip

Each company has its own rules when it comes to handling tips. Some providers will add the tip to the rental rate. Some will charge it separately. So if you’re calling for a quote, don’t forget to discuss the tip.

Typically, companies add a tip to the cost of the rental if their limo is to be rented for a wedding, since they know that the bride and groom will not be carrying cash during the trip.

Limousine Costs: Final Words

Therefore, there are many factors that will influence the rental rate. Therefore, it is important that you sit down with the manager and discuss the total cost.

If possible, you can hire the service on weekdays to save some money. However, if you have to hire one during busy days, be sure to rent it for a few more days so the cost can be reduced. For example, you can rent one for a longer period for a special event, such as Wine Tours.

Lastly, when renting a limo service, be sure to get the most for your money. Hopefully, you will find these helpful tips.

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