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How to get along peacefully with your in-laws

This is a sensitive topic for all interested parties. Usually mothers-in-law can be a bit difficult to deal with mainly because they want to remain the center of attention for their child, and now they know that they will not be. There are mothers-in-law who are calm, sweet and kind. There are also some that are definitely not.

Most people will tell you that dads aren’t a big deal because they don’t tend to get involved in all kinds of drama. For moms, that’s another story.

Mothers-in-law are also used to taking the show as far as their families go and now they may not be able to because the stage must now be officially shared.

Some tips on how to keep the peace may include:

Ignore everything you can and do your best not to even listen to it. If you ignore the drama, something will stop. Do not say too much, most of the time everything will turn against you. Rarely, a mother-in-law who intrudes into your life and pushes her opinions on you, this person will become some kind of friend to you. Do not block it completely because you will only annoy your husband by doing it and it really is not a good way to do it. If you prefer not to be so close to her and you have children, arrange for her to take them places or spend time with them. This will satisfy your grandmother’s needs and give her the illusion that you are closer to her than you really are, so score points for you.

Do not leave anything personal on a desk or counter when you are scheduled for your visit. Plus, it’s really none of your business. If every Christmas you have always made your ham special, leave it! Who really cares anyway and it will serve as another way to keep her quiet, which is less for you. Do not argue or correct your husband in front of her, she will attack. Never tell him what something costs and always, always, always tell him what it is, that it was discounted. If you end up having to lie to him about something, tell your husband not to screw it up and say the wrong thing to him. If she really wears you out, you can always tell her that it looks like you will be the one to take care of her in case she gets really sick, so does she really want to fight you or doesn’t she get along with you knowing this?

It’s certainly not okay to lie to anyone. That said, do you want peace or some honesty award? Chances are, you want peace like most people. Another great way to do this is to invite your mom to events at your house as often as you can. It’s like hiring a security guard, but you don’t have to pay for it. Good luck and you will quickly learn how to get along with in-laws or how not to get along with them. Try to get along with them as a gift to your husband, it is the best way to do it.

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