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How To Make Online Stores More Successful With A Customer Survey Plugin

Do you own an eCommerce store and care about satisfying your customers? Well, it’s not rocket science anymore. Customer satisfaction can be an intricate factor when it comes to running successful online stores. As a responsible store owner, you need to think ahead and find advanced solutions that can benefit you in the long run. Knowing what your customers like or don’t like is an imperative part. The only way to explore their needs / preferences is to send them reports online. Developing your requirements will help generate more business income.

If you want to send personalized surveys to your customers directly from SugarCRM, there is an innovative plugin for the customer survey, which helps you do exactly what you want. Online store owners can have a simple process for submitting surveys online. Creating multiple surveys using different email templates is as easy as cake! Also, with the help of this plugin, different emails are used as survey invitations for potential users, contacts, accounts and customers.

The key attractions of this plugin are,

  • easy to use and maintain
  • Different uses of templates
  • Easy to use
  • Secure data storage
  • Unsubscribe feature available
  • Set dates to send survey
  • Resend questionnaire to customers
  • Save surveys in different formats for future use

Raise the ROI of your ecommerce store by having the features mentioned below for your SugarCRM plugin.

  • Make survey templates and create questions

If you want to better understand your customers’ options, create survey questions and templates, because there is no other great way to send them a survey with the questions of their choice!

  • Preview the survey before submitting it

After creating the questionnaire and survey templates, you can preview your surveys. And then send surveys to specific contacts.

  • Set the desired email templates

Once you preview your survey, get ready to set up email templates. You can set your preferred email templates before sending it.

  • Send survey to contacts any day, any time

After configuring the surveys, send them to the respective contacts at any time and any day. The report is instantly sent to specific contacts.

  • Resend survey

A survey can be submitted or resubmitted. Customers can also resubmit the surveys to the manager or store owners.

  • Get a summary of the survey sent

Get an overview of the submitted survey. Survey reports can be exported in CSV and Grid format. Offer a detailed list of clients!

  • Evaluate surveys to understand customers

After receiving a summary about the survey sent, the surveys can be evaluated to understand customers. Therefore, it helps improve customer satisfaction.

  • Generate multiple reports

Once the assessment is done, multiple reports are generated in various formats. Improve the basis for meeting customer needs.


The SugarCRM plugin for customer surveys comes with versatility and offers many features! It is easily integrated and implemented in eCommerce stores of all sizes.

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