How to organize a Google contact list

So now you have your Gmail sorted with all the relevant labels and folders. You have already used the filters to create a neat appearance. Still, something seems to be missing, it seems like your Contacts aren’t organized yet, and it’s a total mess. Well, if you knew the trick to sort your Gmail contacts then it wouldn’t bother you anymore. Here are some tips to help you.

Creating Groups

Google offers you the option to organize your contacts that are already in the email. These contacts are organized in a library defined according to Google+ circles and your Android favorites list. If you want to put in minimal effort, simply separate your contacts according to groups that will help create an organized list for you. This is useful at times when you want to contact a group of people and send a specific communication. What you can do is add frequently used contacts in a group which will save you time selecting individual addresses without losing anyone.

Merge duplicates

Often times, you can create two contacts with two different names belonging to one person and an email id. This leads to duplication of contacts and is a hassle. Google gives you the advantage of finding such contacts and then helping to merge some seemingly related entries. To do this, you need to go to More-> Select Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts from the list of options. This also allows you to save multiple emails with one name or, if you want, you can reject Google’s suggestions. If, in any case, your selected contacts are not recognized as related, you must do it manually.

Auto save settings

You are well aware that even when you are not saving your contacts, they are automatically saved in the Other Contacts folder. This seems convenient for those who do not have time to save contacts. However, this often leads to discrepancies and frustration related to the contact list. If you want to use it as a mass message, you need large groups that are well organized. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner-> Settings-> General-> Create contacts to auto-complete, select the radio button against the option I will add contacts myself. save and go. After doing this, you will need to save each contact on your own. This helps you instantly group and organize your contacts the way you want.

Export and import of contacts

If you are the one who already has contacts on LinkedIn, then it is essential that you add them to your list. It’s more about keeping your business contacts organized in your Gmail account. To do this, you need to export these contacts. Login to your LinkedIn account and go to Network-> Contacts-> Settings, this screen allows you to sync your contacts with your iPhone, Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook address book, if you want to export, click Advanced settings. now export these contacts to your email client and log into your email to import the file there.

Export contacts

Export contacts and save the file periodically with new information added. If in any case you lose your account or the security of your account is compromised, you change jobs or your contacts are inaccessible, at least you have a copy. Another important tip is to keep your contacts manually updated with the latest information on details, including names, new contact number, email id, address, and other similar details.

Using the above mentioned tricks will help you organize your Google contact list on a regular basis. This will save you time and help you get the most out of your contact list.

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