How to perfect the style of the beast for Kiryu Kazuma? – Yakuza 0

You are playing as Kiryu Kazuma in Yakuza 0 for the PlayStation 4 (PS4). At one point, you will be introduced to Miss Tatsu in Chapter 2: The Realtor in the Shadows, another friend of Bacchus who he met at Theater Alley. She is the master of Beast Style, where you will unleash a yellowish aura in a fierce way, like a beast as they say.

What is Beast Style?

The “Mighty” fighting style that focuses on dealing heavy damage to your enemy. Your movements and attacks are slower than the Brawler and Rush styles. However, you are the master of weapon use, by pressing square on nearby weapons, instinctively the weapon swings towards the enemies around you.

Personally, for Beast Style, you can swing a nearby object against a large number of enemies. In one-on-one battles, such as boss fights, you can get close to the enemy at grappling distance (by pressing Circle) to perform Heat and powerslam moves.

Unfortunately, you have a speed disadvantage. Slower quick steps, pressing X, can be laborious in dodging fast attacks from the enemy, especially those from weapon carriers. The evasive roll is the best you can deal with bullets, punches and weapons.

How to perfect the beast style?

Upgrade your skills to deal more damage to enemies and boss battles. You will learn more from Ms. Tatsu about the Beast Style movements at Tokyo Pier. You will have to pay for your session, which consists of Training and Jobs.

The workout contains “obstacle course” setups on the dock. You are given a time limit to smash, pressing square, on all mannequins that use boxes to achieve the goal. Each box contains a different value of money that you can win. You must pass ten training sessions.

Then you will unlock jobs after completing each training session. Your skills with the Beasts are put to the test when you come across Miss Tatsu’s Five Jobs assignments.

Domoto the fugitive

His first task is to eliminate Domoto, a man who has been on the run from debt collectors for 20 years. You will learn the Iron Fortitude skill as a reward.

Frowning gingoro

The next task is to eliminate the frowning Gingoro. He is the owner of a cosmetics company that fell behind in his payments to the Yakuza. You will learn the Crushing Hammer skill after completing this job.

Kinji the ancient Yakuza

Then a third tricky task. You will face Kinji, who wields a katana in his hands. After beating Kinji, you will acquire the Essence of the Beast: Heat Action with Wall Pin.

Hiroya, the King of Debt

Well, your last lesson is to eliminate Hiroya. After defeating the Giant Man, you will face Hiroya the Debt King at Tokyo Pier. Using Heat moves on Hiroya at the right time is best, as he is quick to dodge your attacks. After defeating Hiroya, you will learn the Essence of the Beast: Invaded Heat Action.

Now that you have acquired all the Beast Style moves. Let’s put those skills on the streets of Kamurocho. Have a nice day!

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