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How to rank on the first page of Google in 72 hours or less without spending a dime

Looking for an easy way to rank on the first page of Google… without spending money on pay-per-click ads? Sick and tired of no one visiting your site, service, or offer? Worse yet… are you ready to give up completely because you can’t make any money (or MOMENTUM) online? If so… keep reading as I share one of the EASIEST ways I know of for ANYONE to get first page rankings in a few days. (almost guaranteed) Curious? Let’s take a closer look..:-)

Isn’t pay per click the ONLY way to get a new site on the first page of search engines in a day or two? Absolutely not, no. There are a LOT of tricks to getting a good ranking, but my absolute FAVORITE for “newbies” is what I call “piggybacking page rank.”

Okay… but what is Page Rank in tow?

It’s when you BORROW, or take advantage of, the trust other sites have already earned in search engines, usually based on age or authority, and place YOUR content on those sites instead of yours.

An example?

Sure… THIS article is actually an example. I will not put this on my blog or website. I am submitting it to a high ranking article directory that I KNOW is indexed very quickly and favorably by search engines. This article will most likely be in the top 5 or 6 places for my keyword phrase of interest in the next few days, and while it may not stay there for long, it will definitely be there long enough to add value to my keyword phrase. business. (and often… it can “stick” to the top of results for weeks, months, even years!)

An extra quick tip:

Use this leverage to build your list… pure and simple. This is a SCALE strategy…. which means the more content you have that ranks well with this approach, the more eyes will be placed on your offers. I’ve built lists of THOUSANDS in a matter of days this way…and in some niches, I’ve built entire income streams just from this approach. It works for me…it works for others I know and it WILL WORK for you too!

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