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Illuminati in Kentucky

Illuminati in Kentucky:

My feverish imagination includes the probability that Andrew Jackson and the Bell Witch stories are connected with this kind of knowledge.

“In his 1806 book Travels In America, Thomas Ashe writes of his experiences with a vast cavern originally discovered in 1783 beneath the city of Lexington, 300 feet long, 100 feet wide, and 19 feet high, containing artifacts exotic animals, a stone sacrificial altar, piled up human skulls and bones, and mummified remains. The mummies look very strange and have red hair. Native Americans claimed they were the remains of an ancient civilization that died ago Respected historian George W. Ranck also discusses this “lost city” buried beneath Lexington in 1872. Native Americans are said to have identified the bodies as belonging to the ancient race that inhabited the area long before them.

In 1792, one of the first settlers, General John Payne, made a strange discovery while building his home in the small town of Augusta, KY, 63 miles north of Lexington. From Historical Sketches of Kentucky by Lewis Collins, Maysville, Ky. 1847, page 205:

“ The bottom on which Augusta is situated is a great graveyard of the ancients … They have been found in great numbers, and of all sizes, everywhere between the mouths of Bracken and Locust Creeks, at a distance of about a mile and a half. From the

Basement under my (Payne’s) home, 60 by 70 feet, over a hundred and ten skeletons were taken. I measured them by skulls, and there could be more, whose skulls had turned to dust … The skeletons were of all sizes, from two meters to babies.

David Kilgour (who was a tall and very burly man) came through our village when I was digging my basement, we took him down and applied a thigh bone to him. The man, if well proportioned, must have been 10 to 12 inches taller than Kilgour, and the lower jaw bone would slide over his skin and all. Who were they? How did your bones get here?

‘When I was in the military, I asked old Crane, a Wyandot, and Anglerson, a Delaware, both smart old bosses, and they couldn’t give me information on these remnants of antiquity. Some of the largest trees in the forest grew on the remains when the land was cleared in 1792. ‘

A few years later, on December 21, 1806, the city of Augusta, KY, was visited by Harman Blennerhassett, a lawyer, occultist, and member of the Illuminati. Were you aware of the ancient underground civilization in the region?

Blennerhassett was born on October 8, 1764 in Ireland {The Black and Red Lodge of Freemasonry and Keogh’s grandfather in my research on this probable great-great-grandfather of mine is connected, I suspect.} And moved to the United States after graduation. He and his wife (who was also his niece, who is in line with Merovingian genetic programming, as long as there are suitable foreign genes in the mix that the Habsburgs forgot for a few centuries) lived on Blennerhassett Island in the Ohio River. Blennerhassett was a friend and colleague of Adam Weishaupt {Son of a Rabbi}, and a member of his Order of the Illuminati, reaching the level of Illuminatus Magus. He was also friends with Vice President Aaron Burr, with whom he participated in a conspiracy to remove President Thomas Jefferson from power. The plot was discovered and the secret Blennerhassett camp in Marietta was destroyed on December 19, 1806.

Blennerhassett fled with about 50 of his fellow initiates, leaving behind his wife, children and the rest of his guerrilla troops. But instead of making a direct exit, Blennerhassett risked a mysterious side trip to Augusta, KY, arriving on the day of the solstice. Clearly, there was a hidden meaning to his visit to Augusta. But what? That Blennerhassett was interested in the ancient forgotten civilization is a different possibility “(7).

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