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It is not false

It has been my life since I was born. It’s in my blood and I refuse to let it go. It’s something I can’t live without, and if I lost it, all hell would break loose. I didn’t hold onto my toys or cheer on my hometown sports team. I turned on my TV and watched all these super athletes risk their lives, wowing millions and millions of fans. It’s my lifestyle and I knew it would be from a young age. Every time I see my idols come out with their special entrance music and hear the crowd erupt in jubilation, it reminds me why I love her so much. The moments when childhood dreams come true, and hold the gold, the moments when that special hero in your heart has to leave the business for good. The moments when your favorite comes out and you do it, they come in with them and they hum the lyrics. The moments when the bad guy tries to destroy your hopes and aspirations by terrorizing your little soul that is in the hands of your hero. These things make what I look at and aspire to be immortal to me. It’s professional wrestling and it’s my life.

I just can’t live without it, it is always on my mind, but there is a problem with accompanying this fantastic product. Almost everyone I talk to who doesn’t see it says it’s “fake.” Well, if that’s the case, let’s reference the 1998 King of the Ring Hell in a Cell match that put Mankind against The Undertaker. Mick Foley, known as “Mankind” around this time, fell from the top of the cage onto the bulletin table below, which was one of the biggest “blows” received in wrestling history! He nearly died that night and suffered multiple life-threatening injuries, in addition to missing several teeth. Do you think the game ended there? Mick unbelievably carried on with the match and a few minutes later he received a choking blow THROUGH the cage, taking another blow from the same height, landing in a stiff ring and going through that as well. He even got up from it and moved on! My point is that wrestling is not fake. Wrestling is scripted, and matches are usually choreographed and armed long before it actually happens.

The injuries caused are completely REAL, and you have to be in top shape mentally and physically to even consider living life. Business is what I live for, and it’s what keeps me grounded and teaches me life lessons. The millions of professional wrestling fans and I want to send a message to closed minded people who think wrestling is fake. Why don’t you go and try what Mick Foley did in that hell at the cell game? Why don’t you spend more than 300 days a year away from everything you love and love? Why don’t you speak in front of a live audience of over 10 million every week without it getting to you? The wrestling business is not for the faint of heart. It is for the chosen few who cannot live without it. In that case, I better train because the last thing I want is to be known as a “fan.” I want to live the life!

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