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Looking for a startup log book? Having one or more of the best log books on hand can be an important part of creating and building an original dream log cabin. Knowledge is needed to design and build an original log cabin at home. A quality log home design book can help make your home a reality.

Your log home design book should provide you with the information you need to make your dream come true. Another criterion should be that the book is a bestseller written by an industry professional. Here are two of the best books that cover log home design and construction:

Log Building Manual: The Definitive Guide to Building Handmade Log Homes by Robert Wood Chambers.

This log book is an important guide for those who are going to build this type of structure. Covers the design and build process to help you get organized. The author provides information on buying kits, finding your land, estimating how much construction will cost, obtaining financing, choosing a builder, and supervising construction. Numerous checklists and forms are provided for your personal use.

This book may be the best home log book ever. The illustrations are great and the text is objective and factual. The author’s approach is presented as the best way he found to do a particular job. If you find someone who does it in a better way in the future, you will start to do it that way in the future.

The author explains how to build an original log cabin house. From planning to settle down to proper chainsaw position when cutting a side groove in a log, it tells you how to do it right. If your goal is to learn the most practical information in a login book, this is the book to select. It is the best written instruction guide for creating an original log cabin you will find.

The author is a writer who can explain complex tasks in everyday English. Even if you have little experience in the original construction of a log cabin house, you really have the opportunity to be able to try the techniques in wood correctly after reading this book. It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring someone to build your original log cabin home, this is an informative building book to have.

The other informational log home book is titled Easy Log Homes: Hiring and Building Your Own Log Home by Jim Cooper.

Cooper explains that these buildings are the product of modern engineering and construction methods and their rustic nature requires a combination of knowledge and experience to build properly. He knows what he is writing about as he has been both a log home builder and a merchant. And yes, he lives in one that he built himself.

The author provides practical information on the steps to initiate, organize and compare price quotes, use the Internet, select an architect, plan the site, well and septic systems, choose and supervise subcontractors, schedule and control project costs. . This guide to building a log cabin house covers original kits, financing, and construction. The author also explains the myths and realities of living in these homes.

It doesn’t matter if you won’t do any, part or all of the work. The how-to approach provided by these build guides is the best you’ll find. You definitely want a startup log book that is useful and practical.

Learn all you can before taking the plunge. Having a comfortable, attractive and functional original wooden house that reflects your own style means that you will have a very special place to enjoy for many years.

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