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Maakoa – An Unbiased Review of One of the Newer MLM Companies

Is the world ready for another health and wellness network marketing company based on another Amazon superfruit? The people of Maakoa ( are betting on it. Headquartered in Orem, Utah, Maakoa was officially launched on July 4, 2009. The translation of the company name means “fearless” in English, and that is Maakoa’s motto. According to its website, the company exhibits its fearless philosophy by “taking on bold new challenges and succeeding when others may fail. It’s about building relationships and treating people the right way.”

Currently, the company offers two products. The first is a juice called Koopuwa. Like many other juices these days, Koopuwa has Acai Berry, Pomegranate, and Blueberry. But Maakoa is betting that what will set Koopuwa apart from other juices is the inclusion of the latest Amazonian superfruit to come to the United States: Cupuaçu (pronounced “coo poo ahh sue”). Cupuaçu is the most popular fruit in the Amazon and is used to make jams, cakes, ice cream and a host of other foods. The indigenous people of the Amazon have used the fruit as a primary food source for centuries and believe that Cupuaçu had medicinal properties to relieve labor pains and abdominal problems. The Cupuaçu tree grows to around 60 feet tall and the fruit resembles a coconut. The plant is a distant relative of the cacao plant, and while the sweet pulp is used in the Maakoa juice product, the Cupuaçu seed is used to make a chocolate-like product called culpulate.

Cupuaçu also has a unique type of polyphenols called theograndines, which are a relatively new discovery. Theograndines have potent antioxidant activity and provide cardiovascular protection and immune support benefits. It is also said to improve mental clarity, energy and stamina, libido, circulation, and provide a host of other healthy benefits.

Maakoa’s second product is MXp3, a performance protein powder, which comes in two formulations. One formulation is for those who focus on building muscle mass, while the second is designed to build lean muscle mass while also suppressing appetite to support weight loss. The product literature for MXp3 states that “it is the complete beverage that provides the building blocks necessary for health and nutrition, while building the muscle mass you want. MXp3’s unique formula provides essential protein and muscle-building nutrients.” body for those looking to build lean, strong muscles. The ingredient list is very typical of many protein shake powders, and Maakoa does not claim any unique proprietary formulation.

Maakoa’s compensation plan is based on a binary system and promotes seven ways to earn income. In addition to retail sales and autoship rebates, associates can earn bonuses for enrolling new distributors. There are two purchase plans at $229 and $499. On the lowest priced package, the associate will earn a $40 bonus, while a $499 package earns the associate $100. You can earn higher bonuses of $80 and $200, respectively, if you sponsor 2 or more new IBOs every four weeks. Once you have personally sponsored two IBOs, you are eligible to earn a 10% weekly commission on the total volume of your minor binary leg. There is no requirement to keep the volume of each binary branch within a certain ratio of the other branch, as is common in some binary systems. Associates can also earn $80 bonuses by helping their downline recruit new IBOs within the first four weeks of IBO enrollment. Maakoa also has a leadership matching bonus program that is completely separate from the binary plan. Once you’ve reached a certain rank, you can earn matching bonuses on your personal sponsors and their direct descendants up to six levels deep.

The trusted brains behind Maakoa is Bruce Davis who is the Chairman and CEO. Davis was previously an executive with a software company that provided infrastructure to other network marketing companies. David Simpson is the Vice President of Operations for Maakoa. For the previous 25 years, he owned a real estate development company. The Vice President of Sales is Todd Kirkpatrick, who has a background in corporate recruiting, development, and training. Kimble Smith is the vice president of product development. Smith is the founder of Kimac Industries, a commodity distribution and supply chain company. In the first few months of operation, Maakoa has attempted to build its brand by sponsoring several sporting events near its Utah home base and recently entered into a multi-year marketing partnership with the Utah Flash, a team in the NBA development league. .

So is Maakoa the next big network marketing company or will it be a distant memory in a year or two? I think it’s hard to say. Maakoa has slick marketing materials and a well-organized and designed website, although I think it needs to increase its content. A lot will depend on the juicing craze and how long it continues. Many have claimed that juice companies are oversaturating the market, but they keep coming up and many are doing well. As with most businesses, long-term success will depend on the management team, the company’s capitalization, and how quickly and effectively the company develops additional products. Time will tell, but Maakoa seems to be off to a promising start, and I’ll be interested to see how the company develops over time.

Note: The author has no association with Maakoa or any of its management team members.

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