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Metamucil for weight loss

Metamucil is a great product with enormous health benefits. From lowering cholesterol to controlling blood sugar levels, Metamucil is much more than just a supplement to aid in defecation. But the only area where Metamucil isn’t great is weight loss.

Due to the many benefits that Metamucil brings, the natural inclination would be to think that it would also be good as a weight loss supplement. It certainly couldn’t be worse than some of the pills and fads out there. But to understand if Metamucil would work as a weight loss supplement, you first have to see what its main intention is.

The total dietary fiber intake recommended by the FDA is around 25 grams per day. The cup of broccoli has about 2.5 grams. A medium banana has just over 3 grams. A cup of pea soup has about 16 grams. Lentils are also rich in fiber. But honestly, for the overweight “average” American, getting enough fiber is a chore.

And why is fiber important? In a word (or two), it’s all about digestive health. Fiber moves things. When waste builds up in your digestive infrastructure, nothing good can come out of it. It could increase your risk of colon cancer and certainly leave you constipated. Fiber goes a long way toward keeping the digestive tract clean.

It feeds the intestine with good bacteria. fiber also slows down digestion. Which is particularly important when it comes to the subject of sugar. By decreasing the absorption of sugar, fiber can help you achieve and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

So how does Metamucil work? First, its fiber from psyllium husks. When digested, these psyllium husks will expand in your digestive tract and become a jelly-like “blob.” This causes your intestine to contract and begin to push this stain. Metamucil began life as a laxative, to stimulate bowel movements and reduce symptoms of constipation and perhaps diarrhea.

Along the way, the FDA concluded that a healthy diet low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and high in fiber could reduce the risk of heart disease. Also, some tests showed that fiber has a positive effect on controlling blood sugar levels. It was and is good. Because Metamucil is fiber, Metamucil reaped the benefits of this good news.

But the transition to weight loss is not as concrete as some would have you believe. The notion that Metamucil can be an effective weight loss supplement is divided into two parts. First, taking it before a meal will give one a feeling of fullness. After all, psyllium husk will expand in your stomach. And this feeling of fullness translates into eating less. In that sense, Metamucil can be excellent for controlling your appetite. And it goes without saying, you can’t start losing weight until you can control your appetite.

Second, Metamucil moves things around. It prevents the absorption of sugars and eliminates waste. As a side note, Metamucil not only hinders the absorption of sugars, it can also block the absorption of various things, such as medications and other supplements. Metamucil recommends taking medications 2 hours before or after drinking Metamucil or consulting your doctor.

This is important because the less you absorb, the less belly fat goes. Purpose Metamucil to delay absorption. It is not like Orlistat that decreases the amount of fat absorbed in the intestines. Fiber works in a general sense. In a way, fiber has more to do with balance.

So, really, Metamucil is a tool. To lose weight, the general principle is simple. It is to achieve a caloric deficit in a sustained way. To lose weight intelligently, that is, in a healthy way, the goal is to eat healthy combined with aerobic exercise to strengthen your cardiovascular system and resistance training to maintain muscle mass.

Metamucil is a great tool to help control your appetite. Close the fiber gap when the diet may be deficient. Promotes great digestive health. While taking Metamucil is clearly good for your health, Metamucil itself will not help you lose those pounds.

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