MLM, Wellness, and the Baby Boomer Generation

One of the largest markets for wellness products, it is aimed squarely at the needs and concerns of the baby boomer generation.

This generation, defined as those born between the years 1946 and 1964, represents the most prosperous and influential sector of the economy.

More than 90 million in the US and Canada, baby boomers have had a dramatic effect on every facet of life. As this market segment has moved through life, it has literally come to dominate the market. When they were babies, the market responded with the prepared baby food industry, resulting in a growth spurt in that market…from 270 million jars per year to 1.5 billion jars.

As the boomers reached their early childhood, the market responded with Frisbees, Hula Hoops, Skateboards, TinkerToys, etc… worth billions of dollars!

As the teenage years came, so did the advent of fast food franchises like McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc. Franchisees got rich when baby boomers filled up on fries, burgers and soda.

Community infrastructure was also dramatically affected. Primary and secondary schools were built at breakneck speed to accommodate the educational needs of this generation. Social programs were implemented as a direct result of the myriad of new problems and opportunities created by this massive group.

Young adulthood brought with it changes in fashion preferences… resulting in marketing phenomena like The Gap, which went from $600,000 in sales in 1969 to 99 million in 1976… today those numbers are off the charts.

According to a report on CBS news, this same generation of baby boomers now accounts for an incredible $1 trillion in annual income! The market continues to respond to this generation’s every whim… Now, when you hear background music for popular commercials, it’s probably an old tune from the ’60s and ’70s.

As the baby boomer generation enters their fifth decade of life, they have begun to approach the “aging process” as a not-so-glamorous prospect. In fact, they are doing everything in their power to slow down this process and extend their life with years of quality. As one vendor commented, “They’re entering middle age kicking and screaming.”

In response to the realities of aging, baby boomers have discovered a new appreciation for and active pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. They are watching their diets, exercising more, and beginning to seriously consider natural/alternative and preventive health care. As a result, the Diet & Nutrition and Personal Care industries are now estimated to have a $56 billion annual market. They are expected to double in the next five years alone!

This is the market for ‘wellness’ products and services. Products that are specifically designed and formulated to address the needs and concerns of this aging population are perfectly positioned for growth and profit.

As a great marketing guru once said… “To be successful, always ride the marketing horse in the direction you want to go.” That marketing guru was my grandfather. He didn’t realize how deep his words would go. Baby boomers have spoken with crystal clarity…they want high-quality, natural health care products that make them look and feel younger, give them more energy, allow them to control their weight, help strengthen their immune systems and give them a high quality of life.

Dr. Ken Dychtwald, author of AgeWave, puts it this way… “Entire industries will rise and fall in response to this obsession with aging, obesity, and longevity.” He goes on to say… “With boomers mid-life, we are beginning to feel the impact of the demographic ‘aging wave’, the mass and strength of which will ultimately challenge every aspect of our personal, social, financial and economic lives.” Political Dynamics”.

As has been the case since the birth of the first baby boomers, a tremendous opportunity now exists for companies and individuals who recognize the trends and are able and willing to capitalize on them. You can be such a person by recognizing the opportunity that wellness products present.

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