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My take on the Arturia Microbrute synthesizer

This article is about Arturia Microbrute. It’s great. By watching the demo video on YouTube, you will see how this nice little creation modifies the sound and synthesizes it in any way you want. The demo is quite good because it affirms the typical qualities of the synthesizer and gives us a short and confident introduction to the equipment as a whole. This is definitely a must-use product for mixing and performing on stage.

These are some of its characteristics.

– Has a (up to) 64 note sequencer, so you can program and play complex melodic sounds on the device

– It is semi modular, so you decide where to apply the LFO and ENV

– You can use the audio input to expand the oscillator section

This device is something that music producers should consider, especially if they are dubstep producers or PBR & B producers. The Microbrute has been available for a month (approximately) and is available in most retail music production stores. like GuitarCenter and Sweetwater. It will cost around $ 299.99, which is pretty cheap / average for equipment. Walk into a store and get one of these before you buy it.

This equipment is definitely ideal for musicians who want to experiment with their sounds. You can never go wrong with different styles of production and Arturia Mircrobute definitely covers that base. The color of the hardware is very deep and has an attractive and confident focus because it allows an attractive presence in the studio when paired with other studio hardware.

I’m not really that knowledgeable about Arturia’s studio equipment, but I’m sure they make highly qualified equipment for the average music producer; I mainly use M-Audio and Roland studio equipment. This is definitely the type of gear to take to the studio and perform live with a rock or electronic band. The only downside to this is that the keyboard is quite small, they should definitely think about coming out with different styles and key lengths from this piece of hardware. It would definitely be nice to see a 49 key or even an 88 key from this device. in my opinion, the more keys there are on the device, the better; it also allows for more octaves and opportunities for creation.

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