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Open and close your snap bracelets and Chamilia bracelet

For Chamilia Silver / Gold Snap Bracelets:

Silver / Gold Snaps bracelets have a locking mechanism that allows you to close the padlock. The lock end of the Chamilia bracelet contains two gaps: one is the lock hinge and the other is the opening. To open the lock, push your fingernail between the lock until it opens. It is not necessary to pry to open the lock, simply pressing down between the lock will open.

Once the lock is open, you can add or remove beads / charms on your bracelet by sliding or turning them in or out of the threading end of your bracelet (the opposite end of the lock).

To snap-close your silver / gold bracelet, open the end of the lock, then take the threading end of your bracelet and place it in the notch / notch of the lock. Note that the smaller part of the threaded end will fit snugly into the notch in the lock. The knob at the end of the threading mechanism should be inside the lock. Close the lock until you hear a click, indicating that the lock is securely closed. Done!

For Chamilia Solid and Flex Bangle bracelets:

Your Chamilia Solid and Flex Bangle bracelets allow you to create unique bead / bead patterns by adding, removing and changing the order of your beads at any time. The following guidelines will make changing your accounts a piece of cake.

Please note that the new Chamilia Bangle bracelets now allow both ends to be opened. Older flexible solid bangle bracelets only allow one end to be opened.

To open your cuff, press and twist the “C-ball” end of the cuff. If you have an older style, only one end will push in. This should be easy to determine as it will not take much effort to push the spring loaded end.

Once you’ve pushed and twisted the end of ball C, the end should come off easily. The Chamilia Solid and Flex Bangle bracelets automatically come with slide locks, so there is no need to buy lock beads to hold the beads in place. However, you can still attach lock beads to your bracelet for added functionality or appearance. Slide the first lock off your bracelet, then remove or add any beads you want. Bangle bracelets do not contain a threaded end, so all beads should easily slide into or out of the bracelet.

When you are satisfied with your new bead pattern, slide the lock bead onto your bracelet to hold the beads in place, then repeat the same steps to secure the lock as you did to open the lock – push the lock back in. “ball C”, then turn. Your lock is secure when you can gently pull on the end and it won’t budge.

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