Choose awesome Wii games

Lately in the world of games many new consoles have been introduced. Choosing one can be difficult, but one of the most popular and chosen is the Nintendo Wii. The Wii is chosen for many different reasons, such as its ability to play online, its movement and its allowed wireless play, and most of all, the amazing games you can […]

Review: Piraten Kapern

Do you like dice games? And the adventures of pirates? Do you think you know when to push your luck and when to pass? If you answered “yes” to at least 2 of the questions above or if you would be interested in a fun and fast game of dice, Piraten Kapern is an excellent choice. Its dice are unique, […]

Mitch’s Tavern Review – Raleigh, NC

Whenever I move to a new area or visit for an extended period of time, one of the first things I’m sure to do is scour the nearby stores and restaurants looking for my little nook or crevice to fill. I spend a lot of my time reading, writing, or just relaxing while I work and I prefer to do […]

Common wrestling moves

Kids grow up watching WWE, UFC, and other wrestling championships on television and want to “do that.” Common high school wrestling moves are very different from professional ones. This is a rundown of some classic high school wrestling moves and how to do them. There are basically 3 positions you can find yourself in during a wrestling match: standing, up […]

Christmas sweets for grandchildren

Grandchildren are special. When they are born they bring joy and delight to all the adults around them. With their delicate little bodies and angelic faces, they capture everyone’s heart and this doesn’t stop until they get bigger. Especially for grandparents, grandchildren hold a special place in their hearts. This is because, in addition to their children, their grandchildren are […]

Bowflex for baby boomers

There are hundreds and maybe thousands of fitness gurus who claim to have the perfect answer, the “magic formula” for fitness and a solution for a healthier body and lifestyle. Well, I am not going to claim to have the perfect answer! However, I have some tips on an easy-to-use exercise equipment that may be one of the best for […]

Legal land mines: 2009 law changes could affect your business

Employee demands are distracting, costly, and for the most part avoidable. Verdict investigation jury The 2007 edition of “Labor Practice Responsibility, Jury Prize Trends, and Statistics” highlights some employment statistics and trends you should know: Employee claims have increased 400% in the last 20 years to the current level of 6.5 claims per 1,000 employees annually. The most common targets […]

How to deal with disgruntled people and uphold good governance

This term “disgruntled” members became popular in the run-up to the 2001 general elections. It was used to refer to members of the National Resistance Movement, who complained and opposed the party, especially in reference to broken promises, change the national constitution to adapt to the plans of the ruling political party, infighting between members of the political party to […]